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10 Chic Yoga Tops We Might Wear All Day

There’s nothing better than finding a top that works perfectly for the occasion, whether it’s yoga or another activity, but with so many amazing options out there, you may not know where to start! Don’t worry; we found some of the most stylish yoga tops that are perfect for your next class, as well as for casual wear to show off your unique sense of style. All of these will pair perfectly with other pieces in your closet and have you feeling confident from the moment you put them on! Check out these 10 chic yoga tops we might just wear all day!

1) Downward Facing Dog

The Alo Live The Process Long Sleeve, $68, and Ultracor Ashtanga Tee, $55. Both by alo yoga. In stores and online. A yogi's closet is stocked with as many functional pieces as it is trend-worthy gear—but that doesn't mean you can't have both. From athletic brands like Alo Yoga to new lines like Live The Process (made in collaboration with our friends at Rodale), we're rounding up 10 of our favorite long-sleeved tops that are anything but boring.

2) Half Moon

One of our favorite aspects of activewear has always been their versatility. So when we saw an athletic top like Lululemon’s Ahi Bracelet ($98), we were instantly intrigued—and excited about its ability to double as a layering piece for days when you can't decide between workout gear and regular clothes. Live in Southern California? You'll be wearing it all year long.

3) Warrior One

It’s hard to believe it now, but there was a time when yoga studios were considered counterculture and hippie hangouts. Nowadays, an increasing number of people are incorporating yoga into their lifestyle because they appreciate how it makes them feel—body and mind. If you want to live The Process (and not just do yoga as a workout), we suggest you invest in one of these chic tops and spend your days doing Warrior One all day long. That is, if you can keep yourself from wearing them during class! Ultracor Women's Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Top ($22) – This lightweight top is perfect for summertime workouts because it wicks away sweat and keeps you cool. Plus, its scoop neckline ensures that even if you work up a serious sweat while doing downward dog or sun salutations, no one will be able to see through your shirt! Available at Amazon .

4) Bound Angle

A forward bend targets your hamstrings, and it also stretches your hip flexors. The hamstrings are those two large muscles at the back of your thighs. Your hip flexors are a group of muscles that run from your lower spine to your groin and can tighten when you spend long hours sitting or when you sleep on your side. Tight hamstrings and hip flexors put pressure on your lower back, which can lead to pain in that area. To avoid stiffness in these areas, try a few yoga poses like Bound Angle Pose. This pose opens up tight hips while stretching out your legs. Check out easthillscasuals yoga collection for all activewear apparel to do your Bound Angle in style.

5) Cat Stretch

The cat stretch is a great exercise to do before your workout. Start on all fours, with your arms directly under your shoulders and knees directly under your hips. Next, lift your right arm up toward heaven, while keeping it in line with your shoulder. Then stretch out your left leg behind you and point both of them in opposite directions (i.e., left leg stretched out straight behind you and right arm stretched toward heaven). Hold for five breaths then switch sides. OUTDOOR VOICES TechSweat Crop Top $45 is made from sweat-wicking fabric that will keep you cool during even the most intense workouts.

6) Tree Pose

You might not be able to hold your Tree Pose for more than a few seconds, but our ultracor yoga top is anything but weak. Crafted from natural cotton and organic bamboo, it’s breathable, stretchy and built to last. Plus, we promise you won’t be able to stop touching its ultra-soft finish! .
Many of us were introduced to yoga in our early 20s—we found it relaxing and challenging at once, with an emphasis on self-reflection that only came with getting comfortable with silence. Whether you want to get back into a regular practice or are just looking for some new tops to add to your rotation.

7) Forward Fold

Take a deep breath and go into a forward fold with hands resting on your ankles. Stay in touch with your back, pressing it forward until you feel a slight stretch along your hamstrings and calves. Breathe deeply for one minute before coming out of the pose. Repeat 2-3 times. If needed, add a blanket under your knees to avoid strain. Let’s face it: There are some fashion trends that are just too good to pass up—even if they do come with a few caveats. One such trend is the sports Bra (GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE Paloma Stretch Sports Bra)

8) Wheel Pose

wheel Pose is an excellent way to stretch our hamstrings and back. Raise your hips as high as you can while keeping your heels on the ground, open your chest while laying your head towards the grown (but not touching it)  Take a deep breath in and then exhale all of your air as you press down through your hands. Look good in LIVE THE PROCESS Ballet Top $118 

9) Cobra Pose

The Cobra Pose, or Bhujangasana, is a posture that gently opens up your upper back and chest. It also stretches your triceps and massages your heart—which makes it great for anyone who needs to relax. Keep these chic tops (BESTISUN
Yoga Crop Top $16)in mind next time you head to yoga class! They’re perfect for stretching postures like Upward Facing Dog and Downward Facing Dog. Don’t forget your yoga mat! These tops will look amazing on you no matter what kind of body type you have. Our favorite thing about them? The way they complement our favorite pair of high-waisted pants.

10) Child’s Pose

This yoga pose is a great way to focus on alignment and concentration, while also stretching your hamstrings. Child’s pose requires us to sit back on our heels, allowing our arms to fall in front of us. The shoulders are aligned with our wrists as we breathe and release any remaining tension in our bodies. Once we have achieved a balanced position in child’s pose, we can then move into more challenging poses like downward facing dog or cobra.