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This Athleisure Trend Has Officially Become a Popular Basic

Athleisure, the trend of wearing athletic clothes as if they were clothing items you’d wear in the office or on casual Friday, has become the norm in fashion over the past few years, but there’s one piece of athleisure apparel that seems to be gaining more popularity than others: sports bras. Sports bras are rapidly becoming an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe, not just because they’re useful when going to the gym but also because they’re worn casually under everyday clothing.

Matching Athleisure Sets Are Trending

Research shows that matching clothing was once solely reserved for formal events and vacations. Times have changed so much that hard to imagine life without casual wear. Our society has moved from formal wear and opted for a more informal look. Athleisure sets, sports bras and crop tops are taking over, literally changing our everyday style choices. Nowhere is matchy-matchy fashion more visible than in Instagram feeds across social media. The trend has even become so popular that there’s now an entire industry dedicated to matching your favorite workout gear with your wardrobe staples.
If you’re hesitant about joining in on all of these fitness trends, here are a few simple tips to help integrate them into your existing routine without rocking anyone’s boat: Only buy enough exercise attire (workout tops or bottoms) that fit into what you already own. Purchase workout bottoms to match one of your dresses and vice versa. Don't stress over what to wear just have fun mixing and matching sets to achieve that laidback style.

where to buy Athleisure sets

You can find Athleisure sets at nearly every major department store. Target, Forever 21, Aerie, Nordstrom and Victoria’s Secret all carry popular sports bra-and-short sets. Some of the heavy weights in the Athleisure space are Nike, Good American, Lululemon, Alo Yoga and H&M. Just make sure to look for a top that’s made of moisture-wicking material (such as CoolMax) so you don’t get too sweaty during your next workout. And if you’re feeling extra daring, try a crop top! This trend is great for showing off toned abs or revealing some leg. I personally love high-waisted black leggings with a loose racerback tank. The cropped length makes my legs look longer and leaner. They also work well with sneakers —

What Are the Benefits of an Athletic or Sports Bra?

Do you know that wearing an athletic bra can actually relieve back pain, improve breathing, and increase your endurance? This is possible because most sports bras are built with extra cushioning in impact zones for added protection. In addition to these benefits, an athletic bra can also make you look slimmer and more toned by minimizing and compressing any bulges. However, if you’re not sure what type of sports bra to wear or which features it should have, then don’t worry as we’ve got you covered! Here are some tips on how to choose a good sports bra * What Type of Sports Bra Should You Wear?: There are several types of sports bras available today. The best one depends on your activity level and breast size: * Regular Sports Bras: These are best suited for low-impact activities such as yoga, pilates, walking, or running at slow speeds. They offer light support but won’t flatten your chest completely. * Compression Sports Bras: Compression sports bras provide maximum support and compression, making them ideal for high-impact activities like jogging, aerobics, dance classes, weightlifting, or playing basketball. They flatten your chest completely so you can focus on doing your activity without worrying about bouncing breasts.

Sports Bra Trend

Sports bras are no longer your grandmother’s bra. Instead, they are now stylish, trendy and high quality. Athletes love them because of their comfort and durability, but there is no reason why fashion-savvy women can’t join in on the fun. These days, sports bras come in a variety of colors and styles that make it easy to wear them with any outfit. In fact, some sports bras even look like regular tops or dresses! This means you can easily dress up your workout gear without having to purchase multiple sets of clothing for different occasions. Plus, if you buy one that has good support and fits well, you won’t have to worry about it riding up during exercise or showing through your clothes when you wear it out at night. However, not all sports bras are created equal. If you want to find an excellent piece of athletic apparel that will last for years to come, then follow this tip: Look for compression: When shopping for a new sports bra, try on several pieces until you find one that provides enough compression and support. Make sure it feels comfortable when worn by itself before wearing other layers over top of it.