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What Are the 10 Most Important Trends for Spring 2022?

With the new spring season upon us, it’s time to focus on what people will be wearing over the next several months. With that in mind, we looked at some of the trends in fashion and have picked out our top 10 picks for what’s going to be popular this spring and summer.

Keep These in Mind When Planning Your Next Wardrobe Refresh
-Minimalism is back. -Genderless fashion is becoming more popular. -Mix and match, it’s trendy now to combine items of clothing that were never meant to be worn together. So start wearing that cashmere sweater with your favorite cut-off shorts! -Artistic prints will dominate all of our wardrobes next season. From kimonos and silk cheongsams to Hawaiian flowery prints, no outfit will be complete without a print or two (or three). -Try out new materials like exotic leather and suede. It may not look like spring, but leather booties are a definite trend right now. -Pastels are huge again; lace dresses in pale pinks are popping up everywhere as we head into summer.

Trend 1

Green Everything - Green, eco-friendly consumerism is on an upswing. How will your product or service become greener and more sustainable? You might offer a discount to customers who recycle their packaging or come up with a new version of your product that's made entirely from recycled materials. There are some people out there who are doing amazing things in regards to reducing their carbon footprint, so it's time to leverage that as you market your brand! What can you do to make consumers feel good about purchasing from you?

Trend 2

Real fabrics will replace synthetics. This trend applies to apparel and home furnishings. Fashion houses all over have been responding to a need from consumers, people want real materials on their skin or under their feet, not chemicals. Synthetic fibers have also found their way into home decor items like curtains, sofas and carpets but many consumers are moving back towards natural materials because they’re uncomfortable with chemical and synthetic fibers being in their immediate living environment.

Trend 3

Warmer Weather = More Casual Sartorial Choices – Expect to see more casual styles, including t-shirts, caps and sneakers with business attire. The war on traditionalism has extended into all industries, even those that are typically serious such as office wear. As workplace dresscodes relax even further, it’s likely that most of us will soon have a closet full of blue jeans in various washes. Similarly, you’ll probably be able to tell your boss what to do without fear of retribution—because he or she won’t have power over you.

Trend 4

Dressing up becomes de rigueur again. In recent years, society has made some drastic changes to its fashion sense, primarily toward a much more casual appearance. But thanks to all of those news outlets on social media, people are again starting to value formality and put extra thought into their appearances. Expect great strides in suits and formalwear in particular from next year onward. Also expect a gradual return of suspenders. Sure, they were en vogue until just recently—but now they’re back with a vengeance. The style gods are smiling upon them once again!

Trend 5

Reverse color blocking. One of my favorite trends from spring 2021 is going to be making a comeback in spring 2022, and it’s only going to look better. Reverse color blocking takes two or more contrasting colors and pairs them together. I love it because it shows off creativity and care, but also because it makes any outfit look fresh. Nothing screams I’m stuck in last season! like pairing an old fad with an old fad—just take advantage of these crazy coed color combinations to turn heads wherever you go. Don’t believe me?

Trend 6

Handbags As Big As Your Head : The comeback of oversized handbags started with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s ability to fit an entire family inside their bag in 2007. Now, bigger isn’t just better—it’s downright necessary. In spring 2022, you won’t be able to get into many clubs without a handbag that could double as a toddler’s toy box. Don’t worry about how silly it looks: You can always pretend it’s meant to hold your tape recorder.

Trend 7

Purse-Friendly Fashion, by Deborah Johns : Fashion is a big part of our lives. We spend money on clothing and accessories and are always looking for something fresh and new. Some trends start out with high prices and trickle down to lower price points, while others start out low-end but gain popularity over time. The fashion industry is huge and it’s never going away. You just have to make sure you stay up-to-date on what everyone is wearing and do your best not to be left behind. That’s why trend number seven – purse friendly fashion – matters so much for spring 2022. If you haven’t heard about purse friendly fashion yet, then we need to get you in front of a computer pronto!

Trend 8

All Aboard The Fashion Train High-end design has always been a status symbol—but soon, everyone will be able to show off their fashionable attire. In 2022, look out for affordable fashion brands (think H&M and Forever 21), which are beginning to experiment with high-end fabrics, detailed designs, and expressive colors. And then there’s 3D printing technology—which is rapidly evolving in both quality and cost efficiency—that will allow more people to become fashion designers themselves!

Trend 9

Brand Premiums — Branded Luxury. While there’s an uptick in interest towards independent fashion brands, mainstream demand remains strong as ever. And while mainstream demand will continue to exist and grow, we’ll start to see increased interest in unique branded products that have inherent value such as a brand name attached. In other words, no logo on a piece of clothing won’t be cutting it anymore. People want to buy into a lifestyle and personality with their clothes, not just another plain t-shirtor pair of jeans.

Trend 10

Bright Colors In a world where we are inundated with ads, people are going to be looking for trends that stand out. Bright colors and patterns allow for instant visibility in a sea of bland. The return of pastels I’m seeing a shift back to softer colors and lighter shades. Maybe it has something to do with people trying to come off as less aggressive and hostile in an ever-competitive society. Perhaps it is also due to an increase in urban design, or perhaps consumers just want soft and soothing environments in their homes or places of work. Whatever it is, expect more light hues and muted tones for spring ‘22.