• 6 Best ab exercises to get a six back

    During this Covid 19 pandemic, a number of people started on their personal weight loss journeys. Trying hard to keep busy and improve themselves ...
  • 6 Best Eco Friendly Fabrics

    The apparel industry accounts for about 10% of the global carbon emission and remains the second largest global industrial polluter.  Collectively, the industry contributes 14 million tons of textiles that end up in us landfills each year
  • What Women Should Know About Heart Attacks

    Silent Heart Attack

    Can happened in women under the age of 65. younger women without chest pain are more likely to experience a silent heart attack and die compared to young men who may have a silent heart attack. A silent heart attack is more likely to happened in women who have diabetes. Diabetes alters the way women feel pain making them less likely to notice the symptoms of a heart attack.