Ways To Reduce Waste


As our company grows, we are making small changes that we hope will have a positive impact on the earth. To reduce carbon footprint, we will transition from plastic to biodegradable poly mailers. Our goal in this endeavor is to be 100% plastic free. EastHillsCasuals.com is striving to become a conscientious global citizen by creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly business to preserve resources for future generations. We will continue to work hard to meet the needs of our customers while reducing the use of plastic. Building a strong partnership with our customer base is our ultimate desire.

Our vision for our store is to create a place where women can purchase sustainable quality clothing. We endeavor to create a community for people living  active lifestyles and advocate for a clean environment. 


As we seek to have an impact in our community and on citizens around the world. We focus on providing our customers with quality products while offering current styles and fashions.


We are focusing on making the world a better place for its citizens. We are all in this together.

Purchasing high quality clothing will help to reduce waste.

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