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5 Ways to Stay Stylish in Cold Weather

Nothing can put a damper on your mood faster than being bundled up in layers and layers of clothing that are too heavy and don’t let you move around comfortably. That’s why dressing stylishly in cold weather can be challenging, but with these five tips, it doesn’t have to be difficult. With these tips, staying warm and still looking great will be easy as 1-2-3!

1) Don't dress your age

Dressing your age can be boring. It's time to stop letting the cold weather dictate what you wear and start showing off your style. You don't have to sacrifice comfort for style, but you do need to find a balance between the two. With these five tips, you'll be warm and looking good. - Layer up: Layering is key when it comes to staying comfortable while still looking stylish. Choose pieces that are lightweight so they won't make you sweat or stick to your skin and layers that will keep your body heat in (i.e., wool or cotton) instead of fabrics like polyester that will create more heat. Wear clothes with zippers rather than button-ups so you can take them off if they're too heavy. And lastly, choose dark colors over light colors since light colors reflect the sun rather than absorbing it, making them warmer and better at keeping in heat. Keep your hair short and free of styling products: If you want to look fashionable, avoid long hair because it will get dirty fast and most likely look tangled. Avoid getting a lot of product in your hair because this may cause static electricity which will attract dust particles. A quick brush is all you need to do before heading out into the cold!

2) Choose fabrics wisely

Dress for warmth first, and then choose fabrics wisely. Wool is one of the best natural fabrics for winter, as it has a high warmth-to-weight ratio and it is naturally flame retardant. Polyester garments can be warm too, but they are not as breathable as wool. Avoid wearing cotton when the weather dips below 60 degrees, as it loses its ability to insulate when wet. If you don’t have access to wool or polyester clothing, look for lightweight sweaters with fleece lining or coat shells made from synthetic materials such as Thermolite® that retain heat well without being heavy. These types of fabric often wick moisture away, keeping you dry and comfortable. Another option is choosing layers: A thin jacket under a heavier coat will keep you warmer than just one or the other alone. The layer closest to your body should be a light sweater or sweatshirt; this provides an extra layer of insulation and traps some body heat close to your skin. Over this, wear a heavy coat with extra padding on the sleeves and collar; this will protect your torso from the windchill and trap more air between you and the cold outside air.

3) Consider layers

Layer up! No one wants to spend their time bundling up, but it's important if you want to stay cozy and stylish. The key is finding the right pieces that not only keep you warm, but don't feel like you're wearing a garbage bag. Here are 5 tips for staying stylish during the winter months:
- Layer your clothes so they can be adjusted based on what is needed at any given time. For example, an overcoat should be layered over other clothes so you can put it on or take it off as needed without removing anything else. - Invest in a coat with multiple pockets. You'll need at least two--one to hold your hands when they start getting cold (it will also make them less likely to get frostbite) and another for storing mittens or gloves when not in use. You might also consider adding a third pocket to store tissues or handkerchiefs since those items can be hard to find once you have already started sneezing.
- Pick clothing made of wool, silk, cashmere or faux fur. These materials trap warmth while still being breathable which makes them ideal for layering.

4) Wear your hair up

Wearing your hair up is a simple way of staying stylish during the winter. When it’s cold outside, keep your hair close to your head for warmth and wear a headband or scarfaround your neck for extra protection from the elements. Braids are also a great option because they keep hair off of your neck and can be worn with hats, beanies, and more! Don’t forget about your lips: With winter comes dry weather which leads to chapped lips. Protect them by exfoliating them twice a week and applying a lip balm on top of that every day. Carry extra layers: Winter brings unpredictable weather so carry an extra layer with you at all times in case you need it later on when the weather changes unexpectedly. Remember that if you bundle up too much, though, you may overheat inside and cause yourself to get dizzy. Keep this in mind as you dress so that it doesn't happen! You can always take some layers off as needed. Make sure you don’t use heavy makeup (it will run) and only apply mascara before heading out into the cold. Leave lipstick off until after you're inside where it's warm again - this will prevent any melting or running onto your clothes. If none of these tips work, try styling your hair wet rather than dry to avoid static electricity!

5) Keep color vibrant

Wearing black is a great way to stay stylish and warm in cold weather, but it can also make your skin look dull. One way to avoid this is by adding color: wear a bright colored scarf or brightly colored lipstick, or layer with a muted color like beige. Don’t forget the mittens! Make sure that they match your boots. Lastly, you should always bring an extra sweater in case the day turns out warmer than you thought! Remember to dress for the temperature that is predicted for that day and not for what feels good at the time. You will be grateful for these tips on how to keep style in cold weather! -Keep hair off your face with a braid
-Throw some jeans over leggings to keep them looking stylish and comfortable
-Put together outfits that are already prepared so there are no surprises (a skirt over tights)
-Don’t get dressed up just because it is colder outside ; try to dress appropriately for the conditions. Dress according to what was forecasted for that day rather than what might feel good at the time. The last tip I have for staying stylish in winter is to remember your accessories! A scarfor beanie can change any outfit from drab to chic, and make all of those fashion faux pas worth it.