Why start an online clothing store in New Jersey? Why not go to a cheaper state? Why didn’t we choose a less populated part of the country? Why endure all this harsh weather? After surviving numerous snowstorms, we have asked ourselves the very same questions.


jUNE 2020

In 2020, we came up with the idea to build a sustainable company focusing on providing high quality clothing. I remember sitting around the table in our Burlington Twp. home and sparking a discussion about how to accomplish this goal. From that table talk, East Hills Casuals was born.


New Jersey’s Family Room

Fast forward to today, after a year of planning and some minor setbacks, East Hills Casuals was formed. A virtual online store headquartered at 2002 Beverly Rd, in the heart of Burlington County, New Jersey.


In 2020 we transformed our idea from paper to interacting with American manufacturers. One of our top priorities was to highlight American designers and manufacturers.

Built to Last

From the beginning our focus has always been on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. To achieve this, we sought out designers worldwide; to date, we have partnered with Synergy Organic Clothing, Emily Hsu and Buki


We partnered with creators from Los Angeles and New York, New York to brings our costomers the Best apparel possible