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How to Wear Sneakers with a Skirt and Still Look Stylish

For casual wear, sneakers are the perfect shoe; they’re comfortable and stylish. However, when it comes to dressing up, sneakers don’t exactly scream sexy. If you want to wear your sneakers with a skirt, however, there are lots of ways you can make the combination work. Follow these tips and you can look cute, casual and put-together no matter what shoes you choose!

 Pair sneakers with your favorite maxi dress

It's summertime, and that means it's time to break out your favorite maxi dress. Problem is, you can't seem to find the right shoes for the occasion. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Here are some tips on how you can wear sneakers with your maxi dress without looking like an extra from Grease:
1) Choose tall sneakers instead of low-top trainers. 2) Pair your sneaks with a pair of skinny jeans. 3) Throw on a bomber jacket or cute blazer. 4) Finish off the outfit by slipping into white loafers or sandals. 5) You could also choose to go all out with a pair of studded high heels. 6) Remember when wearing sneakers with skirts, don’t forget about your accessories: A colorful handbag will do the trick! Your jewelry should be minimalistic; keep your earrings at a minimum, but feel free to add a long necklace if you want.

Don’t pair sneakers with skirts that are too short

Pairing sneakers with skirts is a popular trend. However, there are some rules to follow in order to make the look work. First, skirts should not be too short or they will look sloppy rather than stylish. Second, when wearing sneakers it is important not to wear anything that will create an awkward length difference. For example, pairing a pencil skirt with low-top sneakerscreates an uncomfortable length difference because of the height of the shoe. Instead, try wearing a long skirt with high-tops or sandals. If you do want to wear flats, opt for ankle strap flats instead of slides as they have less height. To style your outfit, choose a clean white T-shirt paired with distressed denim shorts. Lastly, throw on your favorite backpack and slip on those white Converse Chuck Taylors. The shoes and bag complement each other nicely, but if you feel like your outfit needs more color then opt for a red bag! The only thing left to do now is add in bold earrings or a pop of lipstick for contrast.

Pair sneakers with skirts that have patterns and details

Sneakers are an easy, comfortable, and surprisingly stylish way to wear skirts. The key is finding the right skirt for the occasion. For example, a flouncy midi skirt can be great with sneaks because it's youthful and playful - perfect for daytime activities like going to brunch or running errands. A tailored pencil skirt is polished enough to wear at work but will also look amazing paired with sneakers - just swap your heels out for some kicks! If you're feeling more daring, take things up a notch by pairing your skirt with high-tops: whether they're black leather high-tops or colorful velcro ones, high-tops give off that cool '90s vibe we're all obsessed with these days. If you want to really get wild, opt for slip-ons: they'll give you a whole new sense of movement while still keeping your outfit clean and sleek. But what if you're not a fan of skirts? You don't have to ditch the idea altogether. With a little creativity, you can turn your favorite top into a fabulous skirtwith one simple trick: fold your top in half lengthwise so it looks like two panels, then tie each panel together at one side using either fabric strips or shoelaces (even pantyhose!). Lastly, tuck in one panel on either side of your hips and voila!

Don't match the shoe color exactly

If you're going to wear sneakers with a skirt, it's best not to match the shoe color exactly. For example, if your skirt is black, don't wear black sneakers. Instead, try wearing white or light colored shoes. This way your clothes will stand out more. Pairing different colors together can make your outfit look more colorful and eye-catching. Also, if you're in between two shoe colors that are too similar, go for the one that contrasts more. So if your skirt is red, choose a blue sneaker instead of a pink one. If your skirt is brown, then choose a green sneaker. The key here is to find contrasting colors that complement each other well. You'll notice this same idea when designing an outfit from head to toe: It should all flow nicely so there isn't anything jarring about it. If you have a pair of matching shoes but they're just not working with what you want to wear, try pairing them with something else in the outfit like a necklace, belt, purse, or scarf. You might also consider choosing something that has less contrast than what you would normally do. Lastly, remember to make sure the whole outfit still looks cohesive.

Use other accessories to liven up the outfit

A good way to wear sneakers with a skirt is by pairing it with an oversized jacket or cardigan. Throw on some statement jewelry, add some color to your lips or cheeks, and you're set! It doesn't have to be complicated; just show that you're looking out for your style this season. You can also try matching the sneaker to the top of the skirt-pick either the same color or one that contrasts nicely. If all else fails, throw on a scarf and call it good! Pairing a beautiful patterned scarf in your favorite colors around the neckline will instantly give your outfit some personality. Again, don't overdo it: simple is always better than flashy. Let's not forget about hair, too-if you want to keep the bun look going, pair it with a headband (or use bobby pins!) while leaving some flyaways down. No need to do anything more than scrunching up your curls at this point, but if you want extra volume make sure to curl them away from your face so they'll look their best when tossed about. Last but not least, accessorize as much as possible! Scarves are perfect, especially those made of wool during colder months. Ankle boots or lace-up combat boots are great options for the bottom half. The key to wearing sneakers with a skirt is letting your personal style shine through: mix and match according to what suits you best!