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6 Celebrities Who Prove Uggs and Leggings Are Actually Really Cute

Uggs and leggings seem to be one of the most polarizing trends that exist today. Some people can’t get enough of the combination, while others absolutely hate the idea of it, but there are plenty of celebs who can show you how to wear this look in style. From stars like Emma Stone to Rihanna, we’ve found some celebs who prove that you can rock Uggs and leggings—and still look totally stylish while doing it!

The Rock

Dwayne Johnson. The former wrestler-turned-actor is never not on a red carpet somewhere, and while he’s been known to wear some pretty snazzy suits, he’s also not afraid to embrace his warmer side by rocking double ugg boots paired with a simple turtleneck in leopard print pants. Think of it as a high-low situation: A little bit of chunk goes a long way! Guys can pull off these looks, too—just be sure your shoes aren’t too dressy for an outfit that’s meant to be cozy.

Miley Cyrus

At an airport or on a private jet, you might catch Miley Cyrus wearing her favorite pair of Vans. But, when she’s heading to a concert or a photo shoot? She pulls out her leggings and UGG boots instead. Yes, those fuzzy boots are trendy now—and they’re even cuter when paired with tight black pants (instead of winter coats). Hannah Hart: This YouTube star loves both crop tops and cozy pairs of leggings. So what does she do when it gets cold outside? She wears ankle boots over them! The result is pretty cute. We wouldn’t recommend doing it every day, but if you have enough leg warmers in your drawer to match each set of leggings that you own, we say go for it. Amber Rose: Along with her son playing baseball, stripping down to exercise in just underwear is one of Amber Rose’s most important workout routines. When she goes out at night though, sometimes she likes to dress up her comfy clothes by pairing them with strappy heels and gold jewelry. Of course, not everyone can pull off uggs and leggings as fashion items—but some celebrities definitely make it work. Emma Roberts: OK... so Emma Roberts isn’t exactly a celebrity anymore. In fact, according to IMDB she hasn’t had any new roles since 2013.

Alison Brie

The GLOW star looks super comfy in an oversized uggs and leggings combination. We love her casual, everyday look! (Photo: Pinterest) What’s better than a pair of fluffy slippers? A pair of stylish yet warm slippers that you can wear any time during winter. Alison Brie certainly proves that even celebrities like to be comfortable during their downtime with these furry boots. Choose from a wide variety of colors to create your perfect winter accessory for 2021! While actresses are known for looking great on red carpets, it’s easy to forget how talented they are when it comes to fashion—and thanks to today’s technology, there are many style tips straight from Hollywood leading ladies themselves. Of course, some celebs go above and beyond; Alyson Hannigan actually designed her own range of wool blankets available online through Ravelry. Some things get cooler every year—and sure enough, once more fashionable favorites continue entering our wardrobes each season.

Amber Rose

The model, actress, and singer is known for her body-positive attitude. She’s also known for her off-the-shoulder leggings with knee-high boots that she wore to a holiday party hosted by jewelry brand Ice in 2017. Her look can be easily translated into cozy winter wear; pair those high-waisted black leggings with some grey UGG boots, sweater, and scarf (or other comfy layers) when you’re running errands or heading out of town over Christmas break. The layered outfit will keep you warm—and fashionably dressed! We suggest tucking your hair up into a beanie or slouchy beanie hat for an extra layer of warmth. Keep accessories simple with a dainty bracelet or ring. As long as you aren’t wearing leggings under short overalls, then there’s no problem pairing them with ugg boots! Your winter outfits needn’t be boring – go bold with color, wear interesting necklaces, try out blingy earrings – we encourage it!

Emma Roberts

All we want for Emma Roberts is a closet filled with cozy knits. The fact that she wears uggs and leggings—and does it tastefully—is even better. Try her combo on for size: an adorable lace dress, gold-detailed gladiator sandals, a structured sweater (instead of a blazer), and our favorite, neutral ugg boots to top off her perfect look. We’re all about mixing more casual and dressy items, especially when they’re paired together as adorably as these. We can’t stop swooning over how great she looks! Get a similar outfit, you'll love it. If there was ever any doubt that Jenifer Aniston had chops outside of acting, here’s your proof. Donning sweatpants covered in embroidered daisies and a denim shirt adorned with pictures of what appear to be 80s popstars, Jenifer rocks these casual clothes in such a way that will have you rethinking your work wardrobe. You could also try an oversized button down or one with embellished shoulder pads. Get a similar outfit here .


Kim Kardashian

In addition to being famous for her reality TV show, Kim Kardashian has made waves in fashion circles lately thanks to stellar street style pics like the one above. She’s definitely not afraid of wearing sweatpants from head-to-toe; if you’re going out for breakfast or brunch, though, consider opting for something cuter instead of sweats.

Vanessa Hudgens

If there’s one celebrity who knows how to wear leggings, it’s Vanessa Hudgens. The High School Musical star looked chic in a pair of black leggings with a turtleneck sweater when she was out and about in Los Angeles last week. For added warmth, Vanessa pulled on brown leather riding boots. Black heels would have made her outfit look too harsh, but we love how playful her choice of footwear is—the height adds dimension and style to an otherwise simple look. And you don’t even need to break your bank account or shop at expensive retailers like Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus; these shoes retail for just $47! (Though they are currently sold out.) In order to pull off such a casual outfit, however, make sure that whatever bottoms you choose fit well: With leggings, high-riding underwear works best so that nothing shows through. And unless you want anyone to see any cellulite on your legs (no matter how minor), stick with opaque hosiery instead of fishnets—you’ll feel more confident and appear put together from head to toe.