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7 Ways to Style Overalls Like a Grown Up

The heyday of the overalls seems to have passed. It was in the early 2000s when we had the popular movie Mean Girls and Britney Spears wore overalls on stage that we saw the height of their popularity, but since then, they haven’t been seen much outside of back-to-school photos or family reunions. While it can be hard to make overalls look stylish these days, there are plenty of ways to wear them without looking like you just came from playing in the mud. Here are 7 ways to wear overalls like a grown up!

1) Introduce them into your wardrobe

You may not be ready to wear overalls in front of your boss, but you can start slowly by introducing them into your wardrobe. This year, don’t just settle for jeans and a t-shirt—consider how you could pair dungarees with formal or casual pieces. It’s all about wearing what you love! You’ll enjoy dressing up your overalls and won’t miss jeans one bit. The best part is that overalls are easy to style because they have so many pockets! They give you room to carry all your essentials while staying hands free.

2) Choose different types of clothing items to wear over your overalls

Sure, overalls look cute when you’re in grade school and summer camp. But, as you get older and start your career, it can be much more professional and look more put together if you choose different types of clothing items to wear over your overalls. Don’t be afraid to try layering in blazers or even tying a scarf around your waist for an added style. You can also accessorize! Add some gladiator sandals or chunky platforms for height. The possibilities are endless. Overall, just remember that you want to make sure that everything is still covered up by your overalls. If not, it might not be appropriate attire for work anymore.

3) Pair them with heels

The one-and-done wonder of overalls, these can be your go-to outfit if you want something cozy and casual while still looking put together. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop at sneakers. Heels will look sharp with overall—we know because we tried it and we weren’t sorry! This is also a great way to make flats look more professional or add height if you don’t want to wear stilettos. Plus, heels are usually going to make your legs look long and lean anyway, so they’re a good pick no matter what. If you do opt for heels though, try them in nude so they blend into your ensemble rather than compete with it.

4) Wear prints on top

There’s no reason you can’t still wear colorful pieces with your overalls, but stick with patterns on top. Prints bring personality and flair without overshadowing your favorite denim getup. T-shirts and blouses also look great under an overall look; if you want a more classic, everyday feel, try button-down tops in neutral tones like white or ivory. You can even layer over a vest for extra warmth. If you’re not looking for too much attention, pair your overalls with a plain shirt and leave it at that. It’s all about what works best for you!

5) Add accessories like a hat or scarf

To kick your overalls up a notch, add one of your favorite accessories. For example, if you’re wearing denim overalls with floral embroidery, add an oversized fedora or hat in matching color. Similarly, it looks great when women wear overalls and then throw on some jewelry. If you have earrings that compliment your outfit, wear them! It’s okay to combine multiple pieces into one cohesive outfit that feels put together while still being super laid back and casual. Overall fashion is about expressing yourself, so make sure that your overalls reflect who you are as a person.
... Or mix-and-match patterns: Overall fashion isn’t all about just throwing on any old pair of overalls. You can totally dress yours up by adding a fun patterned shirt underneath—it gives more personality to what could otherwise be plain blue jeans. And don’t forget socks; pair some striped socks with polka dot overalls for extra fun and flair!

6) Don’t be afraid to wear your overalls as an evening look

In previous decades, overalls were relegated to back-to-school photos and farmers in rural regions of America. Nowadays, they’re a wardrobe staple for bloggers and fashion icons alike. Don’t be afraid to wear your overalls as an evening look; whether you dress them up with heels or pair them with flats, you’ll look sophisticated enough for work, but trendy enough for drinks. Try pairing yours with tights and a flannel shirt on casual Fridays at work, or opt for sandals and jeans on lazy weekend mornings. If you’re looking to stand out from everyone else wearing their cutoffs at music festivals, overalls are just what you need! Choose colorful ones if you want to make a statement, like Elle Fanning at Coachella 2017—or stick with classic black if that’s more your style
7) Rock them with tights

Yes, it's that time of year when we all pull out our boots and tall socks, but you don't have to give up your overalls! Add some class and sophistication by pairing them with simple black tights. Add a belt for more shape or wear them with heels for more edge. No matter how you wear them, make sure they're fit correctly (no baggy crotch!) and tailored to your body type. No frumpy overalls here! A well-tailored pair will always look good on any body type. This can be hard to find in many styles of overalls, so take your time shopping around until you find one that works best for you. They'll last longer if you do!