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9 Chic Spring Outfits to Make Heads Turn

You know you don’t need to sacrifice style just because it’s getting warmer. With the right clothes, you can look chic without breaking a sweat. Here are nine stylish spring outfits that will turn heads without making you break out in a heat rash.

1) Feel the breeze

In addition to springing forward with our clocks in March, many people look forward to spending some quality time outdoors. It’s not just about looking good—although you will most certainly do that in your cute new dressesand jackets. It’s also about feeling good. Getting outside has a positive effect on your well-being and mood, which is why spring is a great time for a wardrobe refresh. If you want outfit ideas, we can give you those. For more stylish suggestions, though, take a gander at these tips: 1. Wear colors that complement each other without clashing 2. Layer without weighing yourself down 3. Add pops of color 4. Opt for interesting textures 5. Don’t be afraid of trends 6. Update classic pieces 7. Keep it seasonal 8 [...] 9. Have fun! 10. Make sure everything fits nicely 11. Pay attention to fit 12. Look presentable 13. Feel comfortable 14. Add accessories 15. Show off your personality 16. Find a style you love 17. Play up or down seasonally 18. Accessorize 19. Take advantage of sales 20. Stay within your budget 21. Follow current trends 22. Pick items that match your lifestyle 23. Do something out of character 24. Be confident 25. Own who you are 26. Identify what makes you feel beautiful 27. Know how to create and execute a go-to look 28. Know when to mix business with pleasure 29. Know what works best for your body 30. Dress for confidence 31. Create an outfit that matches your level of comfort 32. Change things up 33. Create outfits around statement pieces 34. Think creatively 35. Mix high-low 36. Mix formal and casual 37. Mix prints 38. Wear neutrals 39. Experiment 40. Stick to one designer brand 41. Wear all black 42. Rock athleisure 43. Go dressy but stay warm 44. Print scarves 45. Casual Friday 46. Add jewelry 47. Add bright accessories 48. Accessories don’t have to match

2) A new bag means new outfit opportunities

Now that spring is in full swing, there’s no better time than now to go shopping for a new bag. A cute new purse will instantly freshen up your look and inspire you to switch up your outfits. Plus, how else are you going to hold all of those spring blooms? Start with these chic options and then add flowers later! 

3) Play with textures

Textures are an easy way to bring a unique element into your spring wardrobe. Knitwear, leather and corduroy are a few of our favorite textural trends for 2022, each bringing a relaxed yet elevated look. Pair them with feminine separates for an effortless style update. If you’re looking for some outfit inspiration that shows how textures can take your 9-to-5 ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary, take a look at our 9 perfect outfits ideas for spring that are head turners. How does it feel to start another season of bold new fashion? We sure can’t wait to start and that is why we put together these inspiring looks. You will love all pieces in these outfits! The great thing about combining knitwear with denim is that you get both stylishness and comfort without compromising on anything—think leggings or jeans underneath dresses or skirts: those kinds of comfortable items become truly versatile when paired up with stylish ones! Browse through our selection below for further inspiration! Have fun and enjoy! A soft sweater in a warm beige tone matched with light wash high waisted shorts creates a fresh summer like look which is perfect for warm weather. Black, ankle length skirt combined with white shirt create an elegant and trendy look; great choice for business meetings or any formal event... Add bright yellow accessories such as handbag, belt and shoes to dress up that otherwise classic combination.

4) The holiday mood is still there, but this time in a good way

it’s a fresh, light feeling that fills you with joy and promise. It’s when people start making plans for their summer vacations, but they don’t make them too strict so they can easily rearrange things depending on their mood. It’s time to get rid of all our heavy winter coats and pull out some breezy springtime ones instead. The days are getting longer—it’s starting to feel like we have more time in a day than we know what to do with! And even though we haven’t gotten through March yet, I think it won’t be long before many flowers burst into bloom and begin decorating every open space possible. Yes, spring is here at last. 

5) Finding the balance between bright colors and pastels

Not every woman can pull off a bright yellow, coral or aquamarine dress. Thankfully, there are plenty of other options that spring has to offer. That said, if you do choose one of these brighter colors for your next outfit choice, tone it down with neutral accessories like a belt or shoes. Alternatively, try pairing pastels and neutrals to create a warm-cool color balance on your body. The visual contrast will really make you stand out from everyone else! Don’t forget: A few simple ways to mix up an old look is by adding an accent color, or taking away a primary color (i.e., putting together an all-white ensemble). Another great way to give your favorite looks new life is by introducing patterns into them; consider pairing stripes and florals, which can add interest without feeling overwhelming. Brightly colored accessories can also bring any outfit to life—and accessorizing isn’t just about jewelry. Scarves, belts and hats often work just as well as necklaces when wearing brightly colored pieces.

6) Bold prints with classic style

If you’re feeling adventurous, a bold print can really turn heads. The trend is all about mixing and matching styles, so don’t be afraid to wear something unexpected! If you’re not sure how a pattern will work with your style, think about which colors it features. For example, bright yellow and orange have a fun retro vibe that might work for spring. Or pick a darker color such as navy or grey and add pops of color in jewelry or shoes. It may take some experimenting before you find an outfit that works for you—but once you do, make note of what worked and why (so if other prints show up on trends lists later in the year, you know exactly what to look out for).
Have any tips on working women's fashion? Share them below. We can't wait to hear your ideas.

7) The right accessories set an outfit apart

There’s no time like spring for a stylish wardrobe refresh. There are all sorts of accessories to pick from and finding your favorites is important in bringing your look together. Jewelry, sunglasses, hats—the list goes on. But what do you choose? Whether it’s an update of an old pair of shoes or a new bag you want in your collection, investing in these items shows that you care about how you look as well as how others perceive you. The right color or pattern can make even a simple outfit look hip and cutting edge while something more subtle will take boring pieces to another level.
There’s nothing wrong with looking good; if anything, you deserve to be wearing something fabulous every day! The great thing about accessory options is they don’t have to break your bank either: Accessories aren’t just big-ticket items like clothing, shoes, jewelry and handbags. They can also be small details that elevate an outfit—like a pop of color on a bag or hat, or well-kept nails on both hands. You don’t even need to buy new accessories: You could look for ways to creatively repurpose things around your house instead or borrow from friends for a special occasion or event!
This spring, experiment with some of these tips and see what works best for you! Are there any accessories that instantly make an outfit more fashionable?

9) Stylish shoes can make or break an outfit

The perfect shoes can make an outfit and bring it up a few notches. While slip-ons, sandals, wedges and strappy high heels are all great choices for springtime, don’t forget about oxfords. Oxfords are a staple in any closet that should be included in your spring wardrobe. An Oxford is a sleek shoe, similar to brogues with their closed lacing system. Oxfords come in many styles including: boat shoes, penny loafers and lace-ups or eyelets. They are casual enough for daytime wear but still dressy enough for night out on the town with friends or on a date! Whatever look you’re going for when choosing your spring clothing, accessories (and especially shoes) will help you achieve that stylish look effortlessly. Don’t get left behind without some cool kicks to keep you looking fresh all season long!
We hope these chic outfits inspire you as much as they do us! Stay tuned for more style tips, trends and fabulous outfit ideas. Wishing you a great spring season filled with new styles, good health and happiness!

 Layer different patterns together

While monochromatic ensembles will always be in style, it’s nice to spice things up with a patterned shirt or skirt. If you’re nervous about wearing such loud patterns together, start out small—try wearing one printed top with solid pants and a blazer. It may feel odd at first, but it’s not as out there as you might think. Once you start layering different patterns together, you might be hooked! And if all else fails, remember that prints can also come in metallic hues (think sequins). These elements provide plenty of interest without feeling like too much work. But just because they are simple doesn’t mean these styles aren’t head-turners. After all, springtime is synonymous with lots of head-turning... so get out there and make heads turn!