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Don't Go to the Beach Without This One Accessory

There are several things that you want to bring along with you when you go to the beach, and it's important to make sure that your bag isn't overloaded. To help you out, we've created this list of some of the essential things you'll want to bring with you when packing your bag for the beach so that it can be light and easy on your shoulders!

Don’t forget your go-to accessories

If you’re headed to a summer wedding or outdoor event, you may be tempted to throw on your favorite pair of sandals and call it a day. However, that quick outfit change might leave you looking a little less put together than anticipated. Here are some chic cover-ups for every situation, so you can leave those sandals for another time. (1) To protect against overzealous air conditioning at an indoor affair, consider a lightweight wrap dress with built-in cardigan sleeves. (2) For evening events with a slightly chillier breeze, try one of these stylish dresses paired with classic lace-up heels—no need to sacrifice style for comfort! (3) For outdoor weddings in warm weather, grab an oversized shawl that will keep you cool while still remaining appropriate for any venue.

Don’t forget your ultimate comfort accessory

a chic cover-up! When packing for your beach getaway, make sure you bring a cover-up that is stylish and versatile. You can wear it over a bikini or swimsuit for extra coverage on top (and protection from tan lines!) or over your swimsuit as an outfit with matching accessories. If you want to stay fashionable at dinner, throw on your cover-up and you’re good to go! The best part about a chic cover-up? It works just as well in Hawaii as it does in Miami—so don’t forget yours when packing for your next vacation!

What would your essentials be if you could only bring one thing?

All things being equal, you might consider bringing a killer sunscreen. The sun is merciless; you’re going to want something that protects your skin from its harmful rays. While many prefer SPF lotions, a wide-brimmed hat is also an option. It not only shields your face from harm but it also helps keep sand out of your eyes and off your body—which can be a pain while lying on a towel in sandals or flip flops. If you have any doubts about what kind of sunscreen to use, don’t worry: There are plenty of formulas designed for sensitive skin. You should also check with your dermatologist before hitting up the beach so they can recommend one that works best for your complexion.

What are some fun ways you could use this for an afternoon of relaxation at home or out with friends?

Beach days can be just as fun at home! Here are some ways that you can use a beach towel in your home: 1. Use it as a throw on your couch 2. Lay down and read a book on it 3. Cover your pet when they sleep 4. Use it as a table cloth 5. Toss it over yourself while walking down windy streets 6. And more! Just be creative and have fun with it! What about for a night out? If you’re going out with friends, you could bring along your beach towel to play games like Corn hole or other lawn games. Also, if it rains outside, bring along a pack of cards and have an indoor picnic dinner on your own private blanket.
When would someone need one of these?: You’ll always need one of these! No matter what time of year or what situation, everyone should carry around their own personal beach towel wherever they go.