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How to Dress Like a Million Dollars for Under $50

We’ve all been there before: you’re in the dressing room trying on pair after pair of jeans, but they just don’t look right with your outfit, or they don’t feel comfortable, or they just make you feel like you can’t do anything right. Asking how to dress like a million dollars on the cheap can be tough when it seems like the only way to look good while wearing your favorite clothing brands is to spend thousands of dollars on designer labels. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Shrink Them

Maybe your style or weight has changed since you last bought these jeans, and now they don’t fit quite right. If that’s the case, you can often find an alteration specialist at local dry cleaners who can turn it back into your dream pair of pants. Even if not, many mall stores like H&M and Forever 21 offer alterations services for free or very cheap (think under $10). They can take in those jeans that are too big and make them look new again. Just be sure to check their policies before taking your clothes in; some might charge extra for additional alterations beyond what was originally agreed upon. And definitely check out our guide on how to hem jeans yourself if you want to save even more money!

Get Them Altered

A tailor is your friend if you want to give your jeans that perfectly-tailored look. Most tailors can remove excess fabric and re-cut jeans at no cost—but be sure they do it properly: take a look at our guide on how to tell if your tailor knows what he or she is doing. Unless you have expensive taste, avoid designer-labels and go with affordable brands like Levi’s and Wrangler. It may seem counterintuitive, but spending less money will actually make your jeans look more expensive in most cases. If you find a pair of jeans that fit well off-the-rack, consider getting them tailored instead of buying new ones (you might even save some money). Jeans are one of those items where expensive doesn’t always mean good quality; it just means expensively made. The best way to get expensive looking jeans is by wearing them until they look worn out. You could also try washing them with a few pieces of chalk (like laundry markers) to add some distressing and fading.

Wear A Belt

Most people don’t know that most jeans aren’t sold with belt loops and have to be ordered with them. Wearing a belt with your jeans makes them look more expensive, so make sure you add belts into your wardrobe. The other benefit of wearing a belt is that it can help keep your pants up and if you’re going for an ultra skinny jean look, then having that extra bit of cloth helps keep things in check. Not only will it keep your pants from falling down, but there are times when belts just look better than suspenders. So whether you wear a belt as part of your outfit or not, remember to buy some because they’ll definitely come in handy at some point. It also goes without saying that all your belts should match each other. You want your belt to be able to go with any pair of shoes you might have so choose wisely.

Add Hardware To The Bottom Of The Pockets

Adding something like a necklace, belt, or other small accessory on the bottom of your jeans’ pockets can make them look much more expensive. It’s basically an easy way to embellish an item without having to spend money on something entirely new. The key is finding accessories that are similar in color and texture to your jeans so they blend in seamlessly. If you have distressed denim with holes in it, try adding some jewelry that has similar wear and tear—the effect will be chic and cohesive. For example, if you have ripped jean shorts, try a necklaces with dainty charms dangling from them.

Accessorize For A Splash Of Color

That favorite little black dress you love so much may not seem as versatile as it once did, but when you give it some new accessories, you can really show off your sense of style. A splash of color on your shoes, bag or other accessory is an easy way to give any outfit new life. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors in bright hues—you’d be surprised how much they can make an outfit pop! You can even use color as an accent to draw attention to certain parts of your body that you want others to notice. For example, if you have a great pair of legs, try wearing something colorful on your feet. Or if you have killer arms, wear something colorful around your wrist. The possibilities are endless!

Add Layers (For Men, This Is Called A Blazer)

No matter what you’re wearing, adding layers will make your clothes look expensive. If it’s cool enough where you live, try pairing an oxford shirt with a simple tie and sweater—don’t forget about accessories like cufflinks and a watch. Or if you’re in need of something a little more substantial, consider throwing on a blazer or even a suit jacket. It doesn’t have to be super formal; just remember that there are no rules when it comes to dressing up! Just add one or two items (depending on how dressy you want to get) and layer accordingly.

Use Interesting Accents, Such As Beads Or Embroidery

The key is to add details that aren’t too flashy or gaudy. Beads, embroidery, studs or buttons are all great options—just make sure they’re not so big you can see them from Mars. Your outfit will be more expensive-looking if it has lots of texture and variety, too: wear some layers, wear your jeans with something other than a plain tee and invest in some statement shoes. Make sure you have one or two items on hand that scream expensive! but don’t go overboard. Remember, there’s no need to buy an entirely new wardrobe; just accentuate what you already own with small upgrades like these.

Pair Them With Great Shoes

You’re not likely to pay four figures for jeans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like you did. Wear your favorite pair with a chic top, preferably in neutral colors, and then complement it with equally stunning shoes. Choosing footwear that enhances your outfit makes it seem higher-end, even if you bought it at Target. If you want an easy way to tell how much someone spent on their clothes, look at their shoes. That said, try your best not to scuff them up or stain them—you wouldn’t want anyone thinking you were wearing cheap jeans.

Find The Right Size And Wash The Jeans Consistently
It might seem obvious, but it’s important to make sure your jeans fit you well. Not only does it make them more comfortable, but it also prevents you from having that saggy butt look. Also, remember to wash your jeans inside out and in cold water; hot water can make the dye bleed and fade clothes faster. If possible, hang them up rather than putting them in the dryer. This will help keep their shape longer. And if you want to avoid those unsightly white streaks, try rubbing a bar of soap on them while they’re still wet. The detergent will act as a fabric softener and prevent any unwanted shrinkage or discoloration.

Take Care Of Them!
There’s an old saying: Clothes don’t make people, but people make clothes. I would add that it's what you do with your clothes that can make them look expensive or cheap. Here are some fashion tips to help you create outfits that scream chic and expensive even if they're not. Pay attention! 1. Be careful of visible logos. No one wants to see your favorite brand slapped across your chest in bold lettering. 2. Invest in quality basics (i.e., jeans, shirts). The key is finding pieces that fit well and will last; buy fewer items but buy higher-quality ones instead. 3. Don't be afraid to mix high-end and low-end items together. Sure, there's nothing wrong with buying a few designer bags every now and then—but mixing those bags into your wardrobe will give you more bang for your buck. 4. Learn how to wear white without looking like you just stepped out of a bathroom stall at McDonald's.