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Plus-Size Pajamas You'll Love Wearing All Summer Long

Wearing comfortable clothing while relaxing in the summer months is essential to staying cool, but it’s also important to stay fashionable! Our list of plus-size pajamas will help you do just that—all without sacrificing comfort or your sense of style. Whether you’re looking for something you can lounge around in on your own or with a partner, this list has something great for everyone! Check out these 11 pajamas you’ll love wearing all summer long!

Take time to find what you really want

Before you settle for something, stop and ask yourself if that’s really what you want. Too often we end up buying something because it is cheap or easy, without stopping to think about whether it will truly make us happy or not. If you are trying to lose weight, ask yourself if these two pieces of clothing really represent your ideal body image. Think hard about your goals before taking any action. Then act with purpose, passion and a plan! It’s much easier to keep going when you know exactly where you are headed. And remember: Rome wasn't built in a day! Don't expect results overnight, either. Your goal should be realistic—something that's actually attainable—and something that inspires you enough to get out there and start working toward it each day.

How to wear plus-size pajamas to bed

Just because you’re wearing pajamas in bed doesn’t mean you have to look like you just rolled out of bed. Whether it’s a comfy t-shirt, a stunning silk nightgown or a chic wrap-around robe, there are plenty of plus-size sleepwear styles that are stylish enough to wear around the house but comfortable enough for bed. Here's how to wear plus-size pajamas with confidence, day or night. Plus, see our picks for 11 plus-size pajama sets that we love.
A Guide To Plus Size Sleepwear Styles: Asymmetrical Nightgown, Flannel Nightshirt, Hooded Robe, Silk Pajama Set, Soft Knit Lounge Set, Wrap Around Robe Cami & Pant Set, Cap Sleeve Top & Pants, Two Piece Pajama Sets, Tank Top & Shorts Cotton Pyjama Set, Classic T-Shirt & Boxer Short Combination, Comfy T-Shirt & Briefs

Snuggle Up With These 11 Gorgeous Styles

Looking for something a little more comfortable to wear on a hot summer night? From flirty rompers to silky tank sets, these plus-size pajama styles are anything but boring. The most important thing about picking out your sleepwear is that it makes you feel good—and that goes double if you’re looking for sexy pajamas. Whether you’re craving pretty prints or bold colors, there’s no shortage of options in our picks below. To make things even easier, we've divided up our list by style. 1. Plus Size Printed PJ Sets When it comes to cute PJs, what could be better than mixing and matching your favorite pieces? With a printed set like those from Lovable Plus, you can have fun mixing and matching tops and bottoms as often as you like! 2. Sexy Plunge Pajama Sets Who says one piece has to be reserved for sleeping alone? These gorgeous plunging styles will show off just enough skin without giving away all of your secrets! 3. 4. Plus Size Racerback Tank Tops If you're going to wear an open back, it might as well be because you want everyone to see how great your outfit looks! 5. Stylish Camisoles Are they too cold for bikinis? Is their hair a mess after their last swim class? Help keep them warm with stylish camisoles instead of overcoats. 6. 7. Elegant Robes With a sleek design and flattering silhouette, robes like ModCloth's cream wool coat dress robe add an extra layer of elegance to any ensemble. 8. 9. Silky Sleep Pants Slip into something comfy before bedtime with cozy pants from Glamorise, Exquisite Form and more! 10. Stretchy Shorts If you need some extra support while sleeping, look no further than stretchy shorts designed especially for plus size women (no matter your shape). 11. As you shop, remember that sizing varies across brands, so take measurements and compare against size charts before buying. Remember to check in store (rather than online) when possible so you can try items on and get a sense of fit first hand. There’s nothing worse than ordering something only to find out it doesn't fit quite right. Finally, remember: beauty isn't about body type; beauty is about feeling beautiful inside and out.

The Best Places to Buy Plus Size Pajamas.

There are thousands of online retailers with plus size clothing, but many don’t carry pajamas. So where do you buy plus size pajamas? It depends on what kind of PJs you prefer. Many stores only sell one style, while others feature a variety of options. The best places to buy plus size pajamas include: Lane Bryant (plus sizes up to 5X), Torrid (plus sizes up to 3X), ASOS Curve (plus sizes up to 4X), Evans (plus sizes up to 3X) and Roaman's (plus sizes up to 4X). These stores offer comfy flannel, silky satin and soft cotton styles in solid colors or patterns. They also have specialty items like lingerie sets, robes and loungewear. Plus, each store has its own special perks: For example, Lane Bryant offers rewards points when you shop online; ASOS Curve offers free shipping on orders over $40; and Roaman's lets you earn money back through purchases. Plus size pajamas come in all shapes and sizes—literally! Depending on your body type, certain types of PJs may be more flattering than others. For instance, if you're pear shaped, it might be best to avoid tops that cling to your chest and choose bottoms that skim your waist instead. On the other hand, if you're an apple shape and have a larger midsection, try tops that taper at your waist and bottoms that flare out at your hips. Don't forget about undergarments! Comfortable sleepwear is essential for getting a good night's rest.