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Spring's 7 Hottest Handbag Colors

Handbags are one of the most versatile accessories on the market. Not only can they be used to add flair to any outfit, but they’re also functional and built to withstand wear and tear. Still, fashion lovers may find it hard to pick the perfect bag color from the different spring colors of handbags available on the market today, so here are seven colors that are guaranteed to win in this season of rebirth and renewal.

1) The bag color trend

Pastels, brights and even more neutrals. Our team of buyers has picked out a few of our favorites that will take you from season to season. Click on each bag for details. Which spring handbag color is your favorite? Leave us a comment below! Have any colors we didn't mention that are winning in spring? Share those as well! We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter! Plus, check back here next week because one lucky commenter who shares her (or his) pick with us will receive a discount coupon on one of these bags - it could be you! Good luck! Happy shopping and thanks for reading. Now get out there, girls! It's springtime in San Francisco! Show off your fabulous new look with whatever sunny-day color makes you feel fabulous. This April, bring home a fun and stylish new pocketbook to go along with everything else. Enjoy!

2) Orange

If you've been looking for a way to add some flair to your wardrobe, why not try an orange handbag? You'll be sure to turn heads wearing it around town. The best part about spring's hot bag color is that it goes with almost any outfit you can think of! Wear your bright orange purse with black or white for a classic look, or go for neon shades of blue and green and stand out from the crowd. Pick up one in light pink suede with lacy fringe details for an elegant evening look. It will match just about anything you wear, too! (Think: a sleek dress at work and jeans on the weekend.) Whatever your style—casual chic or sophisticated business-chic—you're sure to love experimenting with colorful bags. And remember: size matters less than hue when selecting a new pocketbook for spring 2014. Large totes are always in style, but they aren't necessarily what everyone else has in their closet. Try mixing it up by searching for smaller clutches instead; they still offer plenty of space to carry everything you need without becoming overwhelming as more items are added.

3) Red

Whether you choose a classic red for date night or a deeper hue for your next business meeting, these options are guaranteed to turn heads. Opt for a leather bag and you’ll have an investment piece that can carry you from season to season. To complete your sophisticated look, throw on a pair of neutral pumps and wrap an ivory scarf around your neck. Over time, consumers fell in love with handbags made out of synthetic materials. And while we’re not advocating going back to all-leather bags, it is a good idea to consider transitioning some favorite totes and clutches over to synthetics—you might be surprised by how much lighter they feel than their all-leather counterparts! If you do want a new leather bag, don’t shy away from colored hues like green and blue. Both colors help tone down bright outfits without losing your stylish edge.

4) Yellow

Yellow has become a big hit in bag colors, but as with most trends, it’s important to choose wisely. This sunny hue is great for day bags and can help you stand out from your peers. Opt for a yellow handbag that makes a strong fashion statement but doesn’t sacrifice versatility. And if you want to make an outfit truly pop, consider pairing your new bag with a colored pair of shoes. Just be careful not to go overboard—you don’t want everything about your look to scream yellow! Note: Thanks Wikipedia! I didn't know where I was going with that topic. The only thing I added was some quotes to break up sentences so it isn't one giant paragraph on each topic. I changed how to start to start because even though you are giving them steps, they will just skim by it. That last sentence probably should have been two sentences but oh well! If someone writes an entire business plan using my post as an outline (as long as its a legit company, if its something shady then nah!), I get credit right? Well that's all i have time for today folks...i'll update soon!!

5) Green

This hue isn’t just for St. Patrick’s Day anymore; it’s a year-round spring staple. Green, which comes in many shades, is associated with growth and renewal—perfect for a season that signifies new beginnings. Try pairing green with other bright colors (like coral) or with neutrals like black, white and camel—it makes an eye-catching statement no matter what color palette you choose. You can even try adding some sparkle to give your bag a glitzy update. The possibilities are endless!
The latest designer bags come in their signature shapes and styles; it may be hard to tell at first glance whether they're snakeskin, crocodile or alligator. But we have tips on how you can tell them apart so you can pick your favorite animal with confidence. Click through our slideshow to learn how to identify which type of skin each bag is made from, as well as its price range so you know what kind of splurge will fit into your budget. And if there are any that are still stumping you, feel free to ask us in the comments section below!

6) Purple

It’s been around for centuries and its rich, vibrant hue has captured our imagination for just as long. No wonder, then, that it’s topping 2017 color predictions lists: Pantone chose it as its color of the year (following on from emerald green in 2016). And in fashion right now, there are few trends more popular than statement bags. From glittering mini bags to tropical-printed shopper styles, here are seven of spring’s hottest handbag colors. Who says you can’t mix your love of all things purple with your loyalty to a brand? There are plenty of purple bag brands out there—even Victoria Beckham recently unveiled her collection for Selfridges at London Fashion Week—but Balenciaga takes a daring approach by combining bright lavender tones with hard black leathers. The result is something extremely wearable; work an evening look by teaming it with black silky trousers or skirt and a simple white T-shirt. This versatile purple purse will also add a shot of color to any daytime outfit.
Balenciaga’s Peekaboo Purple Shoulder Bag costs £1,480 ($2140) but if you shop wisely you can get a similar style for less.

7) Blue

Blue handbags are popping up everywhere! For a classic look, go with deep indigo denim or sky-blue suede. If you prefer something more playful, sapphire blue patent leather and metallic hues will also serve you well. This year brings a whole new set of must-have styles to add to your wardrobe; think hybrid bags that are perfect for work or play, structured totes that keep your things in order and show off your eye for style. There’s plenty to love about blue bags – so whether you’re after simple chic or bold edginess, there’s a shade out there for everyone. Which is your favorite? Let us know in comments below! This season offers an exciting variety of shades that complement everything from floral frocks to dark denim jeans. From unexpected choices such as rosy pink, zesty orange and radiant yellow to timeless designs like rich burgundy, opulent green and silvery gray—you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a handbag color that fits your personality perfectly! Brighten up casual looks with vibrant pieces or let muted tones make a subtle statement when you’re dressing for business meetings.