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The 5 Best Ways to Wear White Shorts This Summer

Wearing white shorts can be one of the most fun outfits to wear during summer, but if you’re not careful, you can end up with an embarrassing laundry situation or wardrobe malfunction on your hands. The best way to avoid this pitfall? Be sure to pay attention to these five ways to wear white shorts, and you’ll look great all summer long.

1) Match your top to your shoes

Chino shorts are a lot more versatile than you might think—but if you’re going to be rocking them with a suit, try teaming them with black shoes for a classic look. Alternatively, try pairing them with brown shoes if you want to make a bolder statement. It’s also worth remembering that chinos go well with high-rise tennis shoes—just make sure your top doesn’t rise above your waistline! Finally, don’t forget about high-rise shorts in other colors. They’re a great way to brighten up an otherwise simple outfit and are especially flattering when teamed with brightly colored shirts or tops. You can even get away with wearing them on formal occasions (if it’s not too hot) as they have a smart yet casual vibe. A nice pair of slim jeans would also work well here, too.

2) Pair with jewelry

Gold jewelry will add some character and style to your tennis whites, but will be a good look for chino shorts. Because high-rise shorts tend to be on the shorter side, you can also opt for a bright necklace—think gold or tan pendants—to draw attention up from any footwear issues. Just remember that accessories are supposed to make you look better, not worse! Lightweight bracelets (or no bracelet at all) are a great way to let these understated pieces really shine. And when it comes to shoes, flip flops with colorful straps might seem like an obvious choice, but again—try and stay away from anything too flashy or heavy looking. You want people’s eyes drawn to your face (not your feet). You’ll still want them to notice you’re wearing tennis whites though: high-top sneakers in white are a classic choice for men and women alike. Tennis sneakers were made for summer after all!

3) Try a messy bun

The messy bun is trending right now, and while it’s not practical for every occasion, it’s a great option for occasions when you just want your hair off your face. It works especially well with long white shorts because of their high-rise waistline. A high-rise style gives you ample room at the top of your short, so you don’t have to worry about bunching or over-stuffing your bun—just put your hair in a ponytail and tie it up. You can even get away with leaving some pieces out if you like; they’ll fall naturally around your face and neck.
In addition to being a trend, high-rise shorts are also flattering on most body types. They accentuate curves by showing off legs (and hiding problem areas), but they also work for petite women who might struggle with midi styles that are too long or maxi styles that are too voluminous.

4) Coordinate with other items in your wardrobe

Our fashion sense is a way we define ourselves, whether that means being trendy or timeless. When it comes to wearing white shorts, it’s easy to commit a fashion faux pas if you don’t coordinate with other items in your wardrobe. Keep cool and stylish by following these simple rules when pairing these summer staples. For example, always make sure your shoes match—white or light colored sandals are perfect for warm weather outfits—and choose tops that are either neutral-colored or complementary to avoid clashing patterns. And never underestimate accessories; a bright pair of earrings will give off just enough flair without taking away from what makes white shorts so great: their simplicity.

5) Accessorize

Keep things low-key and classic, by adding a statement necklace. If you’re someone who hates wearing socks with their white shoes, skip them. No one will care but you (and we promise not to tell). Don’t be afraid of a little color! Because your shorts are already so bold, you can easily wear colored accessories without going overboard. Finally, make sure that your top has at least some color. A solid white shirt is too much for these shorts; stick with stripes or something similar. You want to look like you put effort into your outfit, not like you just rolled out of bed. Now, get out there and enjoy summer in style! As long as it's true to yourself you're good.