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You'll Be Obsessed With These Fun Accessories and Colorful Pieces

The summer season can be the most fun of all the seasons, especially because it's full of bright colors and sunny days. The best part? All of the super fun accessories that come with the season! Whether you’re looking to add some color to your wardrobe or you need to show off your confidence with some bold pieces, these must-have summer accessories will have you feeling ready to take on the world in no time. Don’t let your summer look suffer this year, check out these fun and colorful pieces that every summer woman needs!

Summer Scarves

A colorful scarf is the perfect way to add a pop of personality to any outfit. They can be worn as a headband, around your neck, or even tied to your bag. I love how versatile they are and how they can easily dressup any look. If you're looking for a summer scarf, be sure to check out the selection at your local store or online. You're sure to find one that you'll love! I also love these adorable slide sandals from Target. They come in many different colors, so there's something for everyone. The slides are great because they're comfortable but stylish, making them perfect for all occasions this summer! As far as accessories go, I've been wearing my hair bows nonstop lately-I'm obsessed with them! So if you're looking for a cute accessory that will keep your hair back and off your face, these bows are an awesome option. And bracelets always make an outfit complete. Whether it's just a simple bangle or statement cuff bracelet-bracelets are always a good idea when dressing up.

Sandals with a Twist

A great way to add a pop of color to any outfit is by choosing a colorful pair of sandals. This season, we're loving the playful necklaces and hair bows that are available. They're the perfect way to add a touch of fun to your look. Wear them with shorts and an oversized shirt for a casual summer look or with a long maxi dress for a more sophisticated evening ensemble. To amp up your outfit even more, try wearing them with gold jewelry! Layer neckless with other pieces in your collection like earrings and bracelets. The best part about neckless is that they don't have to be all one color- you can mix and match whatever colors you want! For example, wear pink shoes with a green necklace, blue bracelet, and yellow headband. Have fun mixing it up- you can't go wrong with so many different options.

Bracelets That Will Make You Happy All Day Long

1. If you're looking for a bracelet that will make you happy all day long, look no further than the Happiness Bracelet from Lizzy James. This bracelet features a colorful design with beads that represent different aspects of happiness, including love, joy, and peace. 2. The Happiness Bracelet is also adjustable, so you can wear it as a reminder to focus on the positive things in your life or give it as a gift to someone special. 3. Another way to add some color into your life this summer is with these vintage-inspired earrings by Marina Mandala. 4. Choose between beautiful turquoise blue, pastel pink, and mint green colors that are perfect for summertime! 5. Each set comes with two matching pairs of earrings: one pair studs and one pair hoops! 6. Let's not forget about your hair this summer; try adding a little bit of personality with these fun headbands from Tanzanite 6. Let's not forget about your hair this summer; try adding a little bit of personality with these fun headbands from Tanzanite Rose Designs! 7. For example, how about the Blue Jean Headband? 8. It has an edgy denim pattern and pretty navy stitching - just what you need to complete any outfit! 9.

Straw Bag

A straw bagis the perfect summer accessory. It's light, airy, and stylish. Plus, it goes with everything. I love carrying mine to the beach or on a picnic. They're also great for everyday errands. The best part about them is that they're lightweight, so you can throw them in your bag without weighing yourself down. And as an added bonus, they have that retro feel! When I found this one at Target, it was just too cute not to get. Another reason why I loved this one was because of its size; there are smaller ones that are more appropriate for day-to-day errands but this one was just right when we went out of town last weekend. As for prices, these run anywhere from $10-$20 depending on where you find them. There are cheaper options at places like TJ Maxx or Forever 21 but I found that the quality doesn't always live up to what these retailers offer. And while these may seem expensive when compared to other items, the beauty is in their versatility: they go with anything and work well during all four seasons. I think we should invest in some bright colored sandals, my mom said before leaving the store.

Statement Earrings - Bling! Bling!

These earrings are so much fun! They make a statement without being too over-the-top, and they add a touch of glamour to any outfit. I love how they can dress up a casual look, or add a bit of edge to a more formal outfit. If you're looking for some new earrings to add to your collection, these are definitely the ones to get! They come in multiple colors, from gold to rose gold and silver. You can't go wrong with these babies! The best part is that they will last you a long time because the price point is fairly low, but that doesn't mean that these gems don't shine bright like a diamond. (Yasss!) One word of caution: these earrings are on the bigger side, so if you have tiny ears be sure to consider their size before purchasing them. However, it's easy enough to resize them if necessary! All you need is needle nose pliers and some wire (both easily found at a craft store) and voila! Your earrings are as small as ever. So don't let the size deter you from giving these beauties a try. You won't regret it.

Big, Bold Sunglasses - No Need for Contacts

The sun is beaming and there's no need for contacts when you have a pair of these bad boys. They make a statement and keep the sun out of your eyes. You can find a pair to fit any style, whether you're going for classic or funky. And at such an affordable price, why not get a few pairs in different colors? Plus, they're just so fun! Here are some of our favorites: Iris oversized square sunglasses with recycled plastic frames from Urban Outfitters ($16) Sports Sunglasses from H&M ($9.99) Tortoise shell print sunglasses with universal thread from Target ($15) Aviator-style tinted shades by Forever 21 ($7.99).
Even though it's warm outside, we don't want to pack away all of our cute clothes just yet. Rompers and midi skirts are still getting lots of wear during warmer months because they look great layered over leggingsor jeans (here's looking at you, crop tops!). Flats go perfectly with summer outfits because they're cool and comfortable to walk around in but also give off that laidback vibe we love about summertime.

Bright Jewels - Dangly Earrings & Rings

The Hottest summer Accessories Haul You'll Be Obsessed With These Fun Accessories and Colorful Pieces. From bright jewels to colorful clutches, these are the pieces you need to inject some fun into your summer wardrobe. Trust us, with these accessories in your arsenal, you'll be turning heads left and right. It's hard not to want every single piece of jewelry on this list! There is something for everyone, no matter what your style may be. Want a little pop of color? Check out this colorful clutch or these super cute yellow earrings! If you're looking for a more toned down look, try wearing a simple necklace and dangly earrings with your everyday dress. Or if bolder is more your thing (and we're sure it is!), wear something like this statement necklace and show off that summer tan in all its glory! All of these pieces will help make your outfit stand out from the crowd and get you compliments wherever you go. So what are you waiting for? Grab one or two items from this post before they sell out!

Goodie Bags - Super Easy To Organize Just Stuff In A Bag And Go!

1. Goodie bags are the perfect way to stuff all of your summer goodies in one place and be on your way! 2. They come in a variety of colors and styles to fit any personality, so you're sure to find one you love. 3. Plus, they're super easy to organize. Just stuff everything in the bag and go! 4. No more worrying about where your sunglasses, sunscreen, or swimsuit are. 5. Whether you need to throw together an overnight bag for a sleepover, bring snacks for your children's soccer game, or fill up with ice cream after a long day at work, goodie bags are here for it all. 6. Their lightweight material makes them really convenient when traveling too! 7. You can easily fold up an empty goodie bag and stick it in your purse without taking up any extra space. 8. So get some before the season ends because these guys won't last long. Did you know that we carry totes?. Well, not only do we carry totes but they're completely customizable too!. You can put anything from water bottles to toys inside them and never worry about anything spilling again.  The best part is that they're made out of 100% cotton so they won't leave behind any residue either- unlike other plastics or vinyl materials! Check out this latest (The American Flag Tote Bag). What are you waiting for? You deserve the very best this summer has to offer. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for our next blog post!