Women's Leggings - East Hills Casuals


The world is changing and so are the article of clothing we wear. Women are opting for more leisure wear. The more comfortable the leggings the more popular. One piece of clothing revolutionizing fashion is leggings. They come in all forms and most women love them. Leather, footed, pattern, mid-calf length and jeggingsare just some trendy styles.


Leggings for Leisure 

Taking the dog for a walk and still want to look stylish? Then slip on a pair of leggings with your favorite top. They are great for everyday wear and more comfy than jeans. Whatever the occasion there are leggings you can find to wear. Check out our black, gray, green and blue leggings. Leggings for leisure wear will be a staple of fashion for years to come.


Trends in women's Leggings

One cool trend in women's leggings is the addition of the pocket. While you enjoy your yoga class, instead of putting your phone on the floor you can place it securely in your yoga pants pocket. A hot trend on the rise is the crossover waistband. It brings a bit of flare to the standard legging. Other new styles are the flare and bootcut styles that is gaining popularity. A old style that's making its way back is capri-length leggings. Look for this one to be everywhere in late spring and summer.