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Where can i buy inexpensive workout clothes

There are many clothing sites for women’s clothes online and they are not all equal. Some offer great customer experience, price, free shipping etc. For this blog we will focus on lower end stores that offer good quality clothes at reasonable prices. These stores are very popular and offer fast service to their customer base. 

Fashion Nova has been at the forefront for the last few years. They stand out as a leader with trendy new styles and are consistently staying ahead of all the trends seen in fashion magazines and on the streets. Fashion Nova’s clientele is catered mostly towards the younger Generation Y crowd however, you can find outfits for all including extending Fashion Nova’s men’s line. Their fashion prices are reasonable but not everything is the best quality, so the rule is you pay for what you get. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot on trends Fashion Nova is a good place to get the latest fashions for less. They are the king of the new trend of fast fashion that is actually beating out fashion giants such as Gucci, Versace and Louis Vuitton. Fashion Nova gets a large amount of foot traffic via its website. They garner 15 million monthly visitors way more than the above referenced designers. This growth is spurred by utilizing over 3,000 Instagram influencers worldwide and by churning out 600 new fashions a week! Do the math, that’s 2,400 new designs a month. Fashion Nova’s supply chain includes over 1000 manufacturers/distributors that produce the latest styles quickly so don’t blink or you will miss out. They have cornered the market on fast fashion and ultra-fast fashion. In additional to Instagram influencers, they also work with popular music stars such as Cardi B to promote their brand. It was a great marketing plan because they skipped the conventional way of advertising which has proved to be very effective in today’s world of social media. 


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Another one of the best shopping sites for clothes is Amazon. Everyone on this planet who isn’t under a rock knows about this juggernaut. If you want clothes at a discount this is one of the best places to find it. They are not well known for selling clothes but, this is a marketplace where you can find just about anything. You can get great deals because of the variety of sellers that offer the same products for competitive prices. Not to mention they have as you might already know, the fastest shipping time anywhere in the world. One of the few drawbacks is the product quality often suffers because sellers are not created equal. The good news is if get receive an item of poor quality, you can always send the product back and get a full refund. Most people will shop Amazon for the convenience of fast shipping and easy returns they offer. One reason to shop around is they don’t specialize clothes so you may not be ab able to fine a specific product. Also, they are not as trendy as Fashion Nova or others. So, shopping with Amazon is often a hit or miss endeavor. If you want a big bang for your buck, it’s hard to beat Amazon when it comes to pricing and fast delivery. 


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Another new and up and coming store to shop for women’s clothes is East Hills Casuals. The store was launched in June 2020 during the pandemic and has managed to survive. East Hills Casuals offers athletic and casual clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. Their selection is very versatile and prices are reasonable for the price savvy shopper. East Hills Casuals has apparel and accessories that tailored to meet the needs of every woman especially our plus size woman with body measurements that don’t always fit within standard sizing. The website offers a variety of styles that are affordable and ships quickly. Of course, not a fast as Amazon. East 

Hills Casuals might be the best kept secret in online shopping. Although some items are pricey, they have styles that fit a budget. East Hills Casuals is an online only fashion store with new styles every week keeping up with the latest trends in women’s fashions. Aside from offering the latest and greatest fashion trends, their merchandise is of good quality. East Hills offers their customer a great experience at down to earth rates where women can “look like a million dollars without spending a million”.