The Best workout Brands for women

 We compiled a list of a few clothing brands we think, offer the best workout gear for the money.  Some are expensive however we looked at the quality of the material, where it was made, and customer reviews of that particular store.  Many on this list are well known, that’s because they are proven to stand the test of time and their customers trust them to bring the best product possible.


Photo by Dinielle De Veyra from Pexels

One of the most popular stores is none other than NIKE.  Nike’s brand image is world renown consumers worldwide know this brand just by the logo.  They used the most famous athletes to model and sell their products; the brand has changed the face of sports branding. The way Nike has separated itself from other brands is by transcending cultures, borders, and barriers. The brand embodies the spirit of the athlete which resonates with the masses.  Most people whether an athlete or not appreciate Nike’s apparel; the clothing resonates with non-athletes as well as inspires the ones who are serious about playing sports.  Nike fosters relationships with not only with consumers and athletes but they also build partnerships with sports teams’, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers.  Nike is also known worldwide as one of the leading suppliers of athletic clothing.  The Nike swoosh is also one of the most iconic symbols in the entire world.  The swoosh was made even more popular when Nike sponsored Michael Jordan who, when he played, was a world most famous basketball player. In addition to sponsorship, Nike branded a shoe line named after Michael; Jordan’s are still some of the top selling Nike sneakers.  With star power like that, it’s natural that his fanbase became customers of the brand. Nike has got it all together they offer a great line of products, partner with and endorse world famous athletes and are one of the most successful brands in the world. Nike continues to meet the needs of the consumer on every level. They are one brand that no one can deny its authenticity


Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Another great brand that offers quality workout clothes is Adidas.  This is also a well-known brand and they also boast a long list of professional athletes and celebrities that promote their brand. Like their counterpart (Nike), Adidas uses a similar business model to advertise their products.  They offer a quality clothing line and only a few can compare with styles that wow their loyal customers.  Throughout its history, they have launched a new product only to have it sold out within hours.  They have a loyal following that are brand loyal the Adidas sports line is a huge hit with this crowd. Even without being a loyal customer of theirs, Adidas is so popular you can find it just about anywhere in the world. In terms of pricing, their sports apparel is more expensive however, for the quality and style the deal unmatchable. The Adidas workout line for women is fashionable and very practical in its design.  They have sweat wicking material that absorbs sweat while keeping the person cool and dry.  If you’re in the market for a good product Adidas is a proven brand to go with.

 photo by Run 4 FFWPU from Pexels

Photo by Run FFWPU from Pexels

Pumais very old school but also has to be mentioned with these brands. If we are talking workout gear then we have to put Puma in the ring. What is Puma famous for? The brand has collaborated with athletes across all sports to design the perfect shoe; they also use professionals such as Usain Bolt one of the fastest athletes ever to promote their brand. The company gained credibility over the years by endorsing notorious sports figures to wear their clothes.  Puma has evolved over the years to become more environmentally conscious and introduced a new line of sustainable active wear.  The company manufactures performance apparel and footwear for men and women all made from recycled plastics.  This 25-piece collection includes performance T-shirts, leggings, jackets and Puma’s LQD Cell sneakers that are made from recycled yarn manufactured from plastic bottles by First Mile.  Puma provides people who are environmentally conscious will have an option to choose sustainable clothing.  Sustainable clothing is a thing of the future so Puma is a trend setter in making clothes that are safe the environment.  Although their active wear collection is limited, you can count on Puma to deliver fashion and style to their customers.  Their end products really justify the price you pay for a long-standing brand that delivers.  


Lululemon is an athletic wear company that specializes in yoga wear at a reasonable price. Founded in Vancouver Canada, the company has grown exponentially since its foundation in 1998 and is quickly becoming a force to recon with. Lululemon’s clothing line is stylish and trendy and while affordable does come at a higher price than others like fabletics. Lululemon’s revenue growth and sales growth is on track to outpace Nike. To cap that off, Lululemon’s direct-to-customer business has soared 94% Q4 2020. Whereas, Nike is relying on expansion in China with direct to consumer sails have risen 51% to bolster its lagging sales in North America. 


Photo by RF._.Studo from Pexels

Lululemon believes that clothing is an investment and quality should be equally as important as price. The company is experiencing solid growth in both men’s and women’s wear. They have also expanded into the fitness arena with the acquisition of Mirror. As the company grows, it is expanding into resale where, customers are able to trade in gently used Lululemon products that will be resold online at lower prices. If this isn’t enough, the company is also poised to a launch a more environmentally friend line using recycled wastes from oranges, beets and saw palmetto trees. The tie die line will leave less of an impact on the earth as it’s process with less chemicals and less water. Stay tuned for this rising start, there’s more to follow as the company really comes into its own.


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