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10 Essentials Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to build an impressive wardrobe. Once you know what basic items work best for your body type, you can build on them with the newest trends to create outfits that give you the look you want without emptying your wallet. Use this list of 10 essentials every woman needs in her wardrobe as your shopping guide, and you’ll be well on your way to having the fashion you want without breaking the bank.

The Jogger Set

Joggers, also called leggings, are casual pants with elastic waistbands that can be paired with a variety of tops. These sets come in numerous styles and colors, but black is your best bet to dress them up or down. With two tone jeans and a shirt (or cardigan), you have an easy outfit that goes great in almost any setting. If you don’t want to go so casual though, try out a jogger set with your favorite sexier black dress. Put on a pair of heels, a black sexy dress, and some gold jewelry for a gorgeous date night look. Either way, joggers are one versatile piece that every woman needs to keep in her wardrobe.
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Sexy Black Dress

Dress to kill in a Black sexy dress. Emphasize your curves with ruffles and make sure you’re not too revealing with a low cut v-neck or back. When going to an important meeting, choose a black dress that is just above your knees and a little conservative. If you’re attending an event, wear one that is sleeveless but still covers shoulders in case you need to expose them for warmth. This piece can be paired with different colored jeans like a Black two tone jeans (mustard yellow on top) or paired with matching wide legged pants. You can also wear it to social events like date night or baby showers! The Black Sexy Dress is great for any situation! It’s comfortable while still being modest enough to attend serious business meetings. The Black Sexy Dress doesn’t require many accessories because of its color which makes coordinating simple yet stylish. A pop of color with heels or even a necklace will complete your look nicely! Black goes with everything so if you want that boring outfit go black if you want something more adventurous go colorful; either way, pair it up black and own every room! Enjoy today’s awesome fashion tip: Black Sexy Dress!

Two Tone Jeans

Every women needs a pair of jeans in her wardrobe! Our stylist are really into two tone jeans, they are super versatile and a great option for every day wear. Theres nothing like classic black, but adding a touch of animal print can give your outfit a trendy flair! Another trend thats taking over our boutique is jogger sets. Mixing prints or incorporating other fabrics into your clothes can be tricky but with a color block jogger set its super easy to look pulled together. Black is always an essential, especially if you have a hectic schedule to keep up with because there’s no way you’ll forget your keys! For date night we love pairing a black sexy dress (with just enough zipper details) with strap heels. No need to worry about layering cause long sleeved black dresses will do just fine when it comes down to it! Throw on a printed blazer and you’re sure to get noticed at any party. Just remember not to go overboard as busy patterns might attract too much attention! If you aren’t into skirts, pants are also considered staple items. Skinny jeans are always a must-have item, not only because they slim down your silhouette but also due to their versatility: skinny pants fit seamlessly under tunics or jackets and look incredible with booties and tall boots alike!

White Cami

A white cami is like a little black dress: it goes with anything and everything. It’s an absolute wardrobe essential for any woman who likes to wear black. The most important thing about investing in a white cami is that you buy one that fits correctly, or you’ll never want to wear it again! I suggest wearing your normal bra under it, if possible; many off-the-rack white camis are see-through without a bra underneath them. Other than fit, there’s not much more to say about a white cami—it goes with absolutely everything! Get more mileage out of one by shopping secondhand—you can find high-quality used clothes for pennies on the dollar at places like thredUP. These affordable clothes give you access to designer brands at prices that won’t break your budget. Additionally, don’t be afraid to get creative! Create outfits around your white cami by pairing it with different accessories, like necklaces and cardigans. You can even use it as a bathing suit coverup during beach trips!
If black isn’t your color of choice, don’t worry!

Denim Jacket

A basic denim jacket can make all of your outfits look so much more chic. Denim jackets have been around for decades and it's no surprise why--they're a classic piece that can be worn with anything from workout clothes to sexy dresses. If you don't already own one, now is your chance to snag one of these wardrobe essentials at an affordable price! Our Black Sexy Dress is currently on sale for under $30 but don't wait too long; our inventory moves fast! Keep reading to discover more budget-friendly pieces every woman needs in her closet! You'll thank us later.
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LBD (Little Black Dress)

The LBD is an essential piece of every woman’s wardrobe. It goes with anything, making it a great staple to have in your closet. No matter what, you can never go wrong with an LBD. The only time you should not wear it is when a black dress would be too formal for an event or setting (e.g., black tie). If that is not a concern, make sure you invest in at least one simple but elegant black dress. Whether it has short sleeves or long sleeves; whether it’s form-fitting or loose; whether its knee-length, midi-length, or cocktail length—wear your LBD with pride and enjoy showing off your fashion sense. And, if you want to jazz up your LBD even more, consider adding statement accessories. Go ahead! You won’t regret it! 🙂 The 10 Basic Pieces Women Need in Their Closet: 1. Little Black Dress 2. A Dress For Work (black or white) 3. A Blazer 4. An Evening Bag 5. Heels 6. A Great Pair of Jeans 7. Some Classic Tops 8. A Sweater 9. A Sport Coat/Blazer 10. A White Button Down Shirt

Nude Heels

For that special occasion when heels just won’t do, you need a pair of nude heels. They’re neutral enough to go with any color scheme, and they won’t call attention to themselves when your outfit is clearly in command. A classic pair like these will take you through decades of wardrobe changes. Black T-Shirt: Go ahead—you can add black t-shirt to every one of our lists for good measure. But don’t mistake it for a basic; a black tee can be worn under sheer layers or as an interesting top layer itself. Try pairing one with leggings and metallic flats for an edgy alternative to formal office wear. Or accessorize one with jewelry or scarves to create a completely different look from day to day. Track Pants/Joggers: The ultimate casual Friday outfit; throw on some track pants and a teeshirt over some cute braided pigtails (it’s Friday!) and head out to meet friends at happy hour. We love these jogger sets because each piece is sold separately, so you can mix-and-match with other pieces in your closet if necessary!

Dressy Pumps

As basic as your every-day black heels are, dressy pumps are equally as essential for any woman’s wardrobe. Dressy pumps are typically a more formal shoe with a lower heel, in neutral colors such as navy or black. They can be paired with slacks and skirts alike, depending on where you plan to wear them. When purchasing dressy pumps, look for leather or suede uppers that have a padded footbed so they can be worn all day without causing pain. Also make sure there is good traction on their soles so you don’t slip and fall when running from meeting to meeting! Finally, keep it simple—if possible—when choosing other accessories to complement your new shoes; no need to overdo it when an outfit already looks polished! If a particular pair of pumps leaves blisters or marks around your ankles, try sizing up until you find just the right fit! ... Talk about a red sole! So... why did I put them last? While these aren’t technically essential, red stilettos will definitely make you feel like you should be at home watching Sex and The City while sipping wine.

Casual Sneakers

A pair of casual sneakers is an easy way to add variety to your wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Sneakers are one of those rare items that can be worn in nearly any context, making them extremely versatile. Whether you’re running errands or going out on a date, sneakers will fit into your day-to-day life easily. You can never have too many pairs! Think about where and how you spend most of your time—are there specific occasions for which you need additional shoes? Do yourself a favor and find a good pair of neutral, casual sneakers to serve as your foundation shoe. Your feet will thank you. (See also: 50 Ways To Spend Less On Shoes) Form-Fitting Dresses: Dresses don’t always get enough love among fashionistas—but for their versatility, it’s hard to top them. There are dresses appropriate for every season, including maternity wear; you can wear a dress in lieu of pants at work; and they work just as well with flip flops and sandals as they do with heels and boots. Dress codes are not written in stone, so if yours requires a skirt/dress or if you simply like wearing dresses more than skirts, go for it! If you want to throw some color into your closet without having to think much about what to wear each morning, invest in some brightly colored form-fitting dresses. They tend to look great on all body types and complement both neutrals and other colorful pieces.