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Petite Women's Clothing Guide

Petite women are often overlooked when it comes to clothes shopping, with their height and weight making it hard to find clothes that fit properly. But this doesn’t have to be the case, as there are many online resources which you can use to find the right petite clothes for your body type, including petite clothing brands, websites and stores that sell petite clothing. In this guide, we will look at all of these resources in detail and provide some tips on how you can save money when buying your petite clothes online.

Understanding your body type

The first step to feeling confident in your petite clothing is determining what your body type is. By knowing which body type you are, you can better understand how to dress your specific body, and do so with confidence. When shopping for clothes as a petite woman, it’s important to keep in mind that not all brands size their clothes by bust or waist measurements—instead, they size them by height. It may be helpful to buy a tape measure if you haven’t already done so; doing so will make measuring yourself at home easier! Determine your size on different websites before heading into a store. Some companies like Torrid offer customer service representatives that are trained to help women figure out their proper fit.
This handy chart outlines basic measurements across various brands. Now that you know your body type, you'll want to start filling your closet with pieces accordingly. If we were working together I would ask you: What color palette would look best on my frame? That's always a great place to start when building an outfit!

Finding the right fit for you

If you’re petite, shopping for clothing can be tricky. Petites fall into two categories: short-petites and petite-petites. If you’re in between sizes and fall on either end of either spectrum, it may take some trial and error to find clothes that fit well. This means you may need to buy a few things, try them on (with your favorite shoes!) at home, see how they look, then return anything that doesn’t work out. The upside? With online shopping becoming more popular, returning items isn’t a big deal. The days of lugging heavy garments back and forth to stores are mostly over—so if you want something but it isn’t working out, no worries! You can also shop with other petites in mind by looking at all sorts of fashion blogs that include information about sizing. There are even detailed guides available for each brand or retailer; just do a quick Google search. Whatever works best for you is fine! Remember, we have an entire section below dedicated to taking care of your petite wardrobe: keep checking it as we add new articles and tutorials.

Tips on how to enhance your petite frame

A lot of petite women have to take a little more time and effort to put together an outfit. But by following these tips, you can look confident and put-together in your clothes. Most petites are under 5’4′′ tall, but that doesn’t mean they have to look awkward when it comes to fashion. Follow these simple suggestions from petites themselves to find out how you can make your small stature work for you rather than against you! Remember, just because you’re short doesn’t mean that cute outfits are impossible! Here are our top 10 pointers on dressing like a pro if you wear petite sizes:
Today's society is obsessed with looking great. But while most people think they want to look better, they aren't sure how to get there. Many women wear clothes that are too big for them, and what looks baggy on a larger person ends up making a smaller woman look shapelessand unattractive.

What are some great options for petites?

Most major clothing brands have petite lines, and you can even order from many of these lines directly from their websites. If you’re shopping in stores, look for jackets and coats that are labeled petite—these should offer a better fit. And remember that just because something isn’t tagged as petite doesn’t mean it won’t work for you; try on everything! It also helps to ask store employees if they carry petite sizes, or any items that would be great for smaller women. Many times, salespeople will keep such items stocked behind-the-scenes to avoid having them picked over. While shopping online, always check to see if an item is final sale or has free returns—online purchases can end up being difficult when there aren’t any exchanges available. You’ll want to focus on: Pants, shirts (including button-ups), sweaters, jeans, shorts and skirts. There are so many other things out there you could shop for too: blazers, coats (even ski jackets), dresses (it might help to stick with A-line styles), swimwear and more. See more tips below!

Shopping tips for petites

Be aware of sizing. Some brands feature petite or short options, but even within these lines, you may need to get creative. Try petites in junior or misses' sizes—there will be fewer gaps between your body and their clothing. Petite clothes are also typically made from fabrics that hang better on smaller frames. When it comes to online shopping, consider all options for returning items, too; chances are better than average that an item will fit if it’s been ordered directly from a brand’s website. And never hesitate to reach out with questions about fit and personal style: Just as no two women are alike, no two women dress alike either!
Tip #1: Wear heels often. The higher your legs are, the longer your legs will look and overall stature will appear. Take advantage of platform shoes that lift your foot a bit without making you uncomfortable to walk in them. They’re great for work and play! Just don’t go too high or they’ll start taking attention away from more flattering parts of your figure and make you look shorter than you really are (this is true for everyone). Tip #2: Be open-minded when it comes to styling—don’t get stuck in one particular style of dressing that might not be right for your body type. This includes personal accessories such as clothing jewelry as well. Open up your wardrobe by trying different things until you find what works best on you... then wear it with confidence! Remember all rules can be broken if there’s real personality involved. Fashion should reflect who you are inside and out; clothes should never define you but support who you truly are. Tip #3: Invest time and energy into improving posture so that no matter how big or small you are, your posture reflects strength—it’s attractive to almost everyone and gives a boost to a wide range of styles. Tips like tucking shirts into pants rather than wearing them loose also help prevent weight gain over time. Often times losing weight isn’t about physical exercise so much as working on eating healthy foods. And remember: Working toward an ideal is something every woman should strive for! Always keep your health top of mind and balance that with sensuality...because there’s nothing sexier than knowing who you are deep down inside. Attitude goes a long way toward creating an outfit worthy of any event or occasion.