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5 Style Tips to Make You Feel Confident

It’s not just the clothes that can make you feel confident about yourself, it’s the way you wear them too. Here are five tips to help you dress to feel good about yourself! (Plus, don’t forget to check out the bonus tips at the end!)

1) Invest in a great coat

Sure, you’re wearing a coat, but no one has to know that it was from last season! A well-made coat can last for years and doesn’t have to be too expensive. Finding an awesome piece at a great price makes you feel confident knowing you have something truly special. And there are plenty of stylish options out there so you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style in order to stay warm in cold weather. The key is to find a coat that fits you perfectly, as well as accentuates your shape without being too tight or loose. The right fit will make all the difference in how much confidence you exude when you wear it. Check out retailers like T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s and Nordstrom Rack if you want to invest in a great jacket on a budget. Or head over to luxury department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus where you can get designer items at discount prices (because who wants to pay full retail?). Whatever your budget, there are many affordable options available that will keep you looking sharp throughout every season of winter!

2) Adopt a classic wardrobe

There’s something about classic clothes that make us feel comfortable and confident. Every woman should have a few timeless pieces in her closet; these are clothes you feel great in and can wear anywhere. When it comes to these style staples, less is always more! The fewer items you have in your wardrobe, the easier it will be for you find what you want quickly—and having confidence in your look helps boost your self-esteem, which can make you even more stylish. Besides, why reinvent a classic? These tried-and-true looks have stood the test of time for a reason: they work. A good pair of black trousers, a well-fitting white button down shirt, or an elegant silk blouse are just some examples of basic styles every woman should own. And when it comes to shoes, remember that comfort is key! If you don’t like how something feels on your feet, don’t buy it. You might not get compliments on sneakers or flats all day long (that’s just life), but if they fit right and feel good—you won’t care. And you’ll never hear anyone say wow, those heels are amazing—but I could never walk in them! Comfort is crucial. So instead of buying uncomfortable heels because they match your dress, opt for a wedge sandal or kitten heel instead. Your back will thank you later! Also keep in mind that trends come and go faster than ever before, so it pays to stick with classic designs rather than constantly chasing after new ones.

3) Keep your accessories understated

Many women carry clutches and designer handbags that act as an extension of their personality and status. That’s all well and good, but there’s a time and place for them—and it’s not when you’re at work or out with friends. Try keeping your accessories understated so they don’t detract from your outfits. Add jewelry only if it enhances your look; avoid wearing more than two or three items at once. Don’t wear too much makeup: It can be tempting to try and fake it until you make it, especially in professional settings where we feel pressure to look our best. But overdoing your makeup can make you appear insecure about yourself (or even like you have something to hide). Instead, choose colors that complement your skin tone, and apply just enough foundation and mascara so that people notice how great you look...not how much makeup you have on! Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable: The best style is one that feels natural to you. As long as you’re dressing professionally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. Buy clothes that fit right: No matter what size label is on your clothing, what matters most is how it fits. If your clothes are too tight or loose, it will distract from whatever else you’re trying to convey—which could affect how others perceive you at work and beyond.

4) Choose One Statement Piece

For me, it’s a waist-length coat (for cold weather) or a pashmina (for warmth and elegance in any season). If you want to feel like you have on something special, choose one statement piece that says, I look amazing. And then be sure you do. Every day. In whatever way works for you. Maybe it’s a fancy pair of shoes. Maybe it’s jewelry. Maybe it’s your hair or makeup. Just find what makes you feel good about yourself and go with that—even if your confidence comes from inside rather than outside sources. Then, wear it everywhere. Like literally everywhere: Wear your statement piece to work, wear it when you run errands and wear it when you’re hanging out at home. The more familiar you are with wearing that thing, even if it is just as casual as jeans and a T-shirt, the more confident you will feel in every situation. And isn’t that worth feeling great? It certainly is! After all, being confident means you can take risks without worrying about how they might turn out. So start by taking risks with fashion, and see where else those positive vibes lead you.

5) Wear it with confidence

When it comes to fashion, it’s important to find a look that you feel comfortable in and confident in. If you’re unsure of how something looks on you, ask a friend or try it out with one of your own outfits. And while comfort is key, remember that accessories can help turn an outfit from daytime professional chic into nighttime trendy hotness. Whatever your style, make sure that what you wear makes you feel like your best self and helps highlight your personal strengths. Whether you want to show off some new clothes or take your look up a notch, adding a new accessory—or changing up an old one—can help. Try adding earrings for night and swapping a bracelet for workday bling; add jewelry (or other details) to otherwise simple clothing; or add belts, scarves, ties and more for polish. Or choose accessories that give you confidence: perhaps earrings are too much right now but necklaces could be just right? Be bold! Be creative! Be you!