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7 shoes every stylish plus size woman should own in 2022

It’s hard to walk into any shoe store and find fashionable plus size footwear! Not to mention, it’s impossible to find it in extra large sizes! Thankfully, as the fashion industry changes, more plus size clothing and shoes are being made available with every passing year! In fact, in only 3 years’ time, 2022, there will be plenty of high-quality shoes that every stylish plus size woman would love to own! Here are the 7 best shoes you should own in 2022 if you want to look hot no matter what you’re wearing!

7 fashionable Plus Size Shoes

Shoes are an essential part of any outfit, so as a fashionable Plus Size women, you need to make sure that your footwear is on point! But what if you’re not a fan of high heels? No problem. Instead, reach for any one of these 7 Plus Size fashion-forward picks: 1. Ankle Booties : These cute and versatile ankle booties are perfect for when you want something more than just flat, but less than a full boot. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day long (and will probably become your new favorite pair). 2. Loafers: Loafers can work with almost any kind of outfit; go casual with jeans or dress them up with a pair of black tights and some nice turtleneck shirt. The choice is yours! 3. The classic lace-up: There’s nothing like going with a classic! 4. Sneakers: Take it from someone who always falls asleep in their sneakers... You may want to consider switching into something different at night or purchase two pairs – one for working out and another for everyday life. 5. Slip-on Vans: Slip-ons are awesome because they slip right on (pun intended) without any trouble. When wearing my sneakers I sometimes get stuck when trying to put them on in a hurry – it’s frustrating! 6. Boat shoes: By far my absolute favorite summer shoe, boat shoes look super sleek with anything casual - denim shorts or linen pants. And don’t forget to pop off those white laces, too! 7. Mary Janes: Mary Janes are great because they give you a little height while still allowing you freedom of movement. Perfect for running around town during those hot Summer days and nights.

1. Classic Pumps

If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on one pair of pumps, make it a classic style. You can wear them anywhere and they’ll last you for years. Flat sandals are a great option too, but be sure to get an insert if your feet hurt when you wear them. And if you love cowboy boots, don’t feel like you have to abandon them just because you’ve gained some weight. There are several brands that carry fashionable plus size options; look at JCPenney and Lane Bryant for some good choices. And remember: fashion doesn’t stop at a certain number on the scale; buy what makes you feel good about yourself. Above all else, follow your heart! Wear what makes you smile—no matter what anyone else says! If a shoe doesn’t fit into your budget or lifestyle, there will always be another day to buy it! But missing out on fun events or living life with regret because you were afraid to go after what you really wanted is something no amount of money can fix. Embrace those extra curves, big girl (or boy)! You might just be surprised by how much fun life becomes when you let yourself go for it! To live a fulfilled life, we must find joy in each moment and recognize opportunities where others see only obstacles. Just take that first step—it's usually not as scary as we imagine it to be!

2. Mules

This trend is a bit of a throwback, but it’s one of those looks that has stood the test of time and is an integral part of any footwear collection. Whether you’re looking for classic black mules or some adorable animal print options, they’re definitely worth adding to your closet—not just because they look great with everything, but also because they make super comfortable slides. Next year, choose between velvet and suede options for ultra-luxurious feel and style. If you want to stay on top of fashion trends (and who doesn’t?), consider swapping out traditional sandals for these cute, slightly less athletic-looking alternatives. Don’t worry: They work just as well at playtime, picnics and pool parties. Plus, compared to other trending shoe styles such as platform heels and chunky boots, flats have a more timeless appeal that will last through years of fads. You can buy them in nearly any color scheme, so there are no limits when it comes to finding new ways to wear them. Or get crazy wild and paint them! No matter what your style preferences are, we guarantee there’s something here for everyone.
In a world where athleisure apparel reigns supreme thanks to its ability to be worn comfortably all day long, sneakers need not apply—or so you may think.

3. Booties

Booties have long been a staple for just about any woman’s wardrobe, and there’s no reason to believe that will change any time soon. Thanks to their versatility, booties are a wonderful option whether you’re planning on wearing them with jeans or pairing them with dresses and skirts. In fact, they’re so easy to pair that it can be hard to pick favorites; fortunately, we took some of our favorite booties from various brands, ranging from $150 all the way up to $450 (in order of cheapest price). Here’s what one sales associate had to say: I am always looking for quality boots because I live in New England where cold weather is common. I have 2 kids and work full-time as an elementary school teacher, so comfort is very important when picking footwear. If I could wear boots everyday, I would! That being said, these are my top 7 recommendations for stylish women who wear extra large women's clothes. 1. Kiomi Women's Wide Calf Genuine Leather Riding Style Pull On Ankle Bootie These pull on ankle boots are perfect for busy women who don't have time to spend lacing up heels each morning before running out of the door. The pair is not only comfortable, but surprisingly durable despite its appearance—I haven't had any issues with rubbing or blisters since purchasing these 10 months ago! This makes them a steal at under $50. 2. Stride Rite Women's 5 Rain boot - Extra WideThese booties by Stride Rite can keep your feet dry without sacrificing style. They come in a wide variety of colors including black, red and taupe, meaning you're sure to find one that matches your personal taste. Personally, I love them paired with skinny jeans and sweaters for winter days at school or even just running errands around town during rainy days throughout spring and fall. 3. Jessica Simpson Extra Wide Espadrille Wedge SandalWhile wedges may seem like a summer trend, there's actually nothing wrong with rocking them year round—especially if you find great deals like these ones! Available in both brown and white suede, these espadrilles are incredibly versatile for casual looks year round. 4. Steve Madden Espadrilles Ultra High Wedge Platform ShoeMy first high heel experience was a pair of Steve Madden espadrilles, and I fell in love with them. While I'm still not much of a high heel wearer, these have definitely remained a closet staple for me. These specific ones are available in several other colors, and while I'm partial to plain black, there's something special about a little bit of color popping through. Plus, they're only $55! 5. Skechers Go Walk Extra Wide Lace Up SneakerThere are few things more classic than a pair of sneakers for women in extra large clothing sizes. Thankfully, Skechers has plenty of options for us—and I've owned several pairs over the years. These are easily one of my favorites, and you can bet I'll have them for a good long time. 6. Guess Extra Wide Wedge Mule We've seen a rise in heeled mules over recent years, and personally, I think that's a good thing! There's something about going from your most casual shoe to your most professional one with just an added footbed—not to mention that they're super comfy. I purchased these in black, but they're also available in navy and tan. I'd recommend them for women who want to put a slight twist on an otherwise casual look. 7. Steve Madden Extra Wide Wedge BootieNow that boot season is almost upon us, there's no better time to grab yourself a pair of extra wide wedge boots—not to mention that they go with virtually everything!

4. Flats

It’s not just because I’m petite, but flats make my feet look enormous. If you can find a style that compliment your foot shape, it may be worth investing in a pair. The difference between a good and bad pair of flats is huge; don’t cheap out here! However, if you have small feet or high arches then opt for something with some height to help elongate your figure. Open-toe: Toe cleavage is real (and, unfortunately, looks terrible on most women). Open-toe shoes are among my favorites; they show off your tootsies while creating more distance between them and your face. Instead of painting your toes, consider wearing open-toed footwear instead! Wedges: Since we’re already talking about styles that elongate and flatter... how about wedges? Wedge heels flatter nearly all shoe shapes because they add height without adding width—this means there will be less chance of extra bulk around your ankles and they also tend to offer a bit more stability compared to many other heels. Big feet need love too—don’t discount chunky wedges as an option! Flats + Heels: A faux pas from my early blogging days was trying to get away with one flat + one heel. This may work for 2nd graders, but our fashion world has grown up since then... avoid pairing multiple flat-bottomed shoes together at all costs!


5. Ballet Flats

Even if you’re not familiar with ballet, you’ve probably seen women wearing these low-heeled shoes everywhere. You might not be aware of it, but they are considered a staple accessory for a girly girl style and they go with everything. Ballet flats come in so many colors and patterns that there’s one that can suit your personal style perfectly! While ballet flats look sweet when paired with short dresses or skirts, they also work well with jeans and leggings. If you love flirty styles, opt for bright bold prints like polka dots or floral motifs; if classic elegance is more to your taste, try nudes and neutral hues instead. They say that accessorizing is key and while they don’t necessarily speak volumes about your overall sense of style, simple flat ballet shoes help keep your outfit on point.
Put an emphasis on their large size: Big feet aren’t cute feet and finding large-size shoes can be difficult at times—not all stores carry them, especially those popular fast fashion chains. Finding a good pair of comfortable flats in an extra wide width can feel like hitting the jackpot.


6. Dressy Sandals

It’s hard to think of a shoe that makes you feel more like a goddess than a pair of strap stilettos. And as we’ve said before, and will undoubtedly say again, wedges are having their moment. But when you really want to make an entrance, nothing does it quite like heels. Make sure you own at least one (preferably two) pairs with extra-wide straps and oversized bows—your feet will thank you later. There’s something about sexy shoes that adds inches to your frame even if they don’t technically come in extra large sizes. We can assure you: high-quality shoes for women above a size 14 do exist, and people around you may be shocked at how fun high heels can be on larger feet. If those clunkers from junior year just won’t cut it anymore, consider investing in extra-large women's clothes made from quality materials that have been tailored specifically for larger bodies. You deserve to invest in a comfy pair of shoes without sacrificing style! Just remember: finding shoes for wider feet is all about fit, not universal sizing charts; consult experts who know what plus size looks good on you.


7. Oxford

With their easy care and classic style, oxfords are a staple for all of life’s occasions. Consider adding extra large women's clothes to your collection to wear with jeans or leggings and a blazer during off-duty hours. They can be easily dressed up or down depending on what kind of outfit you want to create, which means they’re definitely worth checking out if you want a shoe that will never let you down. Pair them with red tights or bare legs—whatever best complements your personal style!
The ultimate go-to: You can never go wrong when it comes to black extra large women's clothes. They’re always fashionable and they look great on everyone, which means they’re an investment you won’t regret. Black pants are perfect for work and casual wear—all you have to do is decide what kind of styling (and heel height) will be most appropriate for your lifestyle. If you opt for flats, throw on a cardigan or blazer for a more professional look; if heels are more your style, dress them up with a matching purse or belt! There are so many possibilities when it comes to pairing any pair of extra large women's clothes with other items in your closet—keep experimenting until you find combinations that feel like you!