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I Only Wore Biker Shorts for an Entire Week - Here's What Happened

I had never worn biker shorts before, but I knew they were the hot new fashion trend so I decided to give it a try, and here’s what happened when I wore only biker shorts for an entire week...

What To Wear Instead Of Pants

Biker shorts are the perfect alternative to jeans when it comes to summer. I was a bit hesitant at first to wear them, but they were surprisingly comfortable and allowed me to feel free. The best thing about bikers is that they can be worn with anything and you don't need to worry about what's underneath, because the shorts do all the work. They look great with pretty much any shoe, from sandals to sneakers. They're also great for people who might not want to go pant less in the heat of summer.
The only downside is that if it's raining out or if you're just trying to stay cool indoors (or even outdoors), these pantswill make your thighs feel wet and gross. But hey, we've all had wet thigh days before! So as long as you change into something dry, like sweatpants, after coming inside then it won't bother you too much. Honestly though, wearing biker shorts has been so freeing and amazing that I think this trend should last forever.

The issues

Many people don't know that wearing biker shorts is actually a trendin Europe! I wanted to see what would happen if I only wore them for a week. This is what happened:
1. I had to buy new underwear because the waistband on biker shorts usually sits higher than on normal pants. This made it difficult to wear underwear with it, and my underwear was showing through when I bent over or stretched too far up or down. My clothing also bunched around the waistband of my underwear, so you could still tell I was wearing them even when they were covered by clothes. The crotch of the shorts also always sat lower than usual because there wasn't anything holding it up at my thighs like a belt. At first this felt weird but eventually I got used to it. If I didn't wear any underwear, the fabric rubbing against me became quite uncomfortable very quickly. When I did use underwear, most pairs would either be uncomfortable (because they were constantly riding up) or be visible underneath my clothes as soon as I bent over. None of these issues existed when I wore jeans, which surprised me.
2. It took forever to find the perfect bra-brief combination that worked with my outfit because the elastic on briefs doesn't stretch enough while fitting your chest area, while some bras are too tight in the band and others are uncomfortably high under your arms . . . no matter what combination I tried out, something just wasn't right. Ultimately, I had to go braless and just deal with the discomfort. A long time passed before I went braless again because it was that uncomfortable.

The Results

What happens when you wear biker shorts for a week? I wondered. The answer: not much. my butt didn't get any bigger, my face didn't get any more tan, and my hair didn't grow any longer. i wasn't able to fit into any clothes that were tighter than what i would normally wear, but on the bright side, it did motivate me to workout more! i had to get rid of some of my clothes because they were tight. it also took me awhile to figure out how to put on makeup without getting the powder all over my tank top or having my leg-warmers in the way. even though there weren't many consequences from wearing biker shorts, this was a great way for me to go back in time and reminisce about being 15 again. it felt like i was finally free from the pressures of fitting into society's norms. one day while riding on my bike, it got windy and revealed my stomach. but if you can't have any fun while trying something new then why bother doing it at all? so whether you're biking around your neighborhood or just lounging around your house with friends, wearing bikers will make sure your legs are always cool.

How To Get Your First Pair of Biker Shorts

Finding the perfect pair of bikers is easier than you think! Shop online or in-store and try on as many pairs as you want. Keep in mind that your bikers should be comfortable and easy to wear all day long. After trying on a few different styles, take note of the ones that feel the best and purchase them! They'll be worth it once you put them on and start feeling more confident in what you're wearing.
I only wore my new biker shorts every single day this week and I have to say they really made me feel good about myself! If I'm going out with friends, I just throw on a cute shirtover my t-shirt bra and rock my look like it's no big deal. Who cares if they see me without makeup? Let them judge. It doesn't matter what other people think because at the end of the day, I know how awesome I am. And when I feel like looking extra fly, there are so many ways to style biker shorts: with tights and boots, a dressy blazerand heels, or denim on denim. You can even pair them with sweatpants (shout out to those days where getting dressed up feels too hard).