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The 8 Best Date Night Outfits to Wear

A date night outfit does not have to be expensive or made of leather in order to look sexy and alluring. In fact, sometimes you can find the sexiest outfits at the mall, like these eight of the best date night outfits to wear on your next getaway with your loved one. They’re cheap, they’re cute, and they make your body look 10 times hotter than any expensive corset top you could buy!

1) Tight Black Dress

Like I said, I'm a big fan of mixing and matching, but if you're not up for that, we've got you covered. A simple black dress will work with almost any date outfit. But what makes it date night appropriate is all in how you style it. Think chunky platforms, studded belts or statement necklaces—it's easy to elevate your look even more when there's less room for things to go wrong. In other words: Keep it sleek! This blouse has a very subtle pleating along its body that isn't too revealing while still showing off just enough skin. Plus, it ties at one shoulder which gives it an airy feel and keeps things from getting too stuffy. The color itself is pretty basic (black), so take advantage of fun accessories like red lips or killer heels to make sure he knows you mean business. Oh, and did I mention it’s only $17? Done deal. Next item on our list... the sexy corset top. Yup, we have us a Victoria's Secret model right here! Let me warn you though, guys are going to lose their minds over this top. It fits perfectly around your waistline and comes equipped with two soft straps that can be adjusted on each side. There's also a zipper detail down the middle for extra pizzazz and some structure underneath. As soon as he gets a hold of you in it, his hands are going straight to back... let’s be real here.

2) Mini Skirt

Skirtsmake it easy to pull off a formal or dressy look without sacrificing comfort. Our go-to choice for date night? A short, body-hugging skirt in a sexy fabric like lace or leather. Pair with an oversize blazer and stilettos for a sophisticated look that’s perfect for wine bars and trendy restaurants—or with ankle boots and tights if you’re planning an adventure. No matter what, always remember: It’s more important how you feel than how you look on a first date. With self-confidence comes sizzling style! So whether you choose sleek separates or an ultra feminine gown, be sure your outfit is reflective of your personality. And don’t forget: Having fun is absolutely essential when it comes to dating; no matter what clothes you wear on your first date, enjoy every moment. There’s plenty of time ahead to plan serious dates. For now, just have fun exploring new places and getting to know someone new. Oh, and one last thing: The most stylish look isn’t always entirely within your control—whatever happens, keep things light-hearted. Remember: You never know what might happen during a great first date!

3) Corset Top

If you’re looking for a look that is both feminine and sexy, there’s no better choice than a fitted corset top. This particular piece from Kohl’s has all of your bases covered in terms of style, comfort, and affordability. Pair it with some tight black leggings for a little extra flare. (Don’t forget an awesome necklace like these !) Your significant other will definitely take notice! Click here to shop.
3/4 Sleeve Blouse: An oversized blouse will allow room for layering while still giving you freedom of movement and won’t restrict your arms if they tend to get cold when dining outdoors or just having fun at home. A 3/4 sleeve length is also a great alternative to a sweater if it’s too hot, but you don’t want to go without coverage on your shoulders. This white option from H&M is 100% cotton, which is perfect for throwing on over that fitted corset top we mentioned earlier! It fits true-to-size (if not a little bit large) so be sure to check out their size chart here before ordering.

4) Quality Leggings

Leggings are one of those items that can transition with you from home all the way into your night out on the town. You can pair these versatile bottoms with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual lunch date, or throw on an animal print tunic and sky-high heels for dinner and drinks at a swanky restaurant. No matter what look you’re going for, we have some adorable leggings that will take you from daytime to nighttime with ease. Check out some of our favorite picks for date night below!

  Chicwish This is an awesome example of store where you can find great outfits for a fun date night. The article doesn't explicitly say 25 outfits to wear on date night but you get that idea from reading outfits to wear followed by a list containing  options in different combinations — not just two options.  Same thing goes for Quality Leggings — there's nothing about them being 'quality' until you actually read them and see how they're labeled as such here. Worth pointing out again here, too, how well bathing suits fits in as another brand mentioned product on top of dresses.

5) Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are undeniably edgy, but they work well with a number of different ensembles. Tuck in a tight black top, or wear a bathing suit top as a bra under your jeans for extra oomph while you show off your rocker fashion sense. Pair ripped jeans with an oversize shirt or blazer to dress them up—or keep them casual with an oversized tee and sneakers. Wearing them with heels is always cute, too! The choice is yours! You’ll have plenty of outfit options once you’ve found a pair that fits comfortably, so shop around until you find something that makes you feel confident. Another option? Pick out multiple pairs at one time, just like Forever 21 did here. Regardless of how many pairs you buy at once, be sure to wash each pair before wearing it for your date night—jeans can contain traces of chemicals used in dyeing and manufacturing, which could irritate sensitive skin. And speaking of sensitive skin... if you plan on wearing any parts of your ripped jeansoutside, make sure no cuts face outward; bugs and other critters might get caught inside rips if they’re facing outward. This would not be ideal when trying to impress someone special!
If buying a new outfit isn’t your style, consider shopping vintage stores or sites such as Etsy. Vintage clothing is fun because it adds personality and flare to outfits—and if all else fails, mismatched patterns are always adorable on their own!

6) Workout Clothes

Want to look and feel your best on a date night out? You’re going to need some workout clothes. Some of these outfits call for a bathing suit, so make sure you wear something that makes you feel good about yourself in a bikini, if you decide to go for it. If not, don’t worry—you have plenty of options regardless! Not all women are comfortable showing their stomachs, but here are a few ways to dress up tight black dresses or tank tops: try wearing a cardigan or shrug over your shoulders, adding leggings or knee-high boots to create volume at your lower half (and distract from thighs), accessorizing with statement jewelry or oversized earrings. The possibilities are endless! Here are 25 date night outfits designed to help you get noticed...on purpose! Enjoy! 1. Tank top + Yoga pants 2. Tight black dress + Cardigan 3. Bathing suit + Leggings 4. Tight fitting shirt + Tank top 5. Bathing suit + Black cropped trousers 6. Bathing suit + Cut off jean shorts7. Tight black dress + Tube top 8. Trench coat + Skirt 9. Bikini 10. Skinny jeans 11. Maxi skirt 12. Crop top 13. Shorts 14. Tight black dress 15. Sweater 16. Peplum top 17. Tight black dress 18. Mini skirt 19. Boots 20. Skort 21. Crop top 22. Boyfriend jeans 23: Classic blazer 24: Off shoulder sweater 25: Ankle strap heels Breaking them down into handy little piles like we did above is an easy way to figure out what each post should be about as well as provide inspiration for content ideas. We usually split our piles into three parts: What does every post have in common?, What do most posts have in common?, What is missing from any of our posts? Doing a little brainstorming based off those questions will further develop our idea list into more specific topics.

7) Lace Bodysuit

If you want to look sexy for your significant other but feel a little self-conscious about wearing something skin-tight, consider adding lace details. The texture and detail of lace bodysuits adds enough flare without sacrificing coverage. Plus, it’s bound to get your date’s heart racing—and that can only be a good thing! Pick one up at your local department store or boutique if you don’t own any lingerie like it yet. We personally love Victoria Secret's bodywear—it's high quality and pretty much matches every outfit ever. Just ask anyone who owns a set of their brand new Pink bedsheets, which come in three different colors with pink piping on top. (Purple is our personal favorite.) Or try pairing an LBD with a lace bodysuit to give yourself an edge over other women who wear dresses on dates because they never know what else to wear. Oh yeah, and tie a matching satin bow around your neck for extra flair.

8) Camo Print Shirt

A camo print shirt is a fun outfit choice for date night. Choose a white or grey camo pattern and accessorize with a black pencil skirt, black heels, and an oversized handbag. Finish off your look with a red lip. The look is perfect for fall dates! Pair with dark skinny jeans, combat boots and black t-shirt. If you want to appear more casual then choose skinny jeans in brown color instead of black ones. Pair it up with a striped tee in navy blue and tan colored sneakers. Black leggings will create more of sassy appeal so choose red sandals paired up with a floral printed blouse. All these outfits can be paired up with comfortable pajamas such as a pair of gray sweatpants coupled with a plain light pink top. Don’t forget about wearing cute slippers too that match your outfits; it doesn’t matter whether you wear boots or sandals but just ensure that they are comfortable enough. Don’t forget to add accessories like necklaces, earrings and bracelets in order to dress up things even more.