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You Can't Go Wrong With a Denim Skirt and Graphic Tee This Summer

Summer doesn't have to be all about bikinisand high heels. Long gone are the days of having to sacrifice comfort for style. With a graphic tee and denim skirt, you can look stylish yet comfortable in the heat! Not to mention, this outfit is perfect for any kind of outdoor activity, or even just lounging around the house! Don't worry; we've included some tips on how to keep cool while wearing this outfit while still keeping your style game strong! Try it out next time you're feeling hot under the collar!

Add Flowers

If you want to spruce up your look, add flowers to your hair, as Kylie Jenner did. There are tons of tutorials online that show you how to put them in different styles. Plus, what girl doesn’t love having fresh flowers in her hair? If you have long locks like Hailey Baldwin, there’s no better way to turn heads than with flower clips. These will last for days (if not weeks) and it's especially cute for boho girls! You can find all sorts of floral headbands on Etsy or Amazon for around $5-10. You can also make your own by following these DIY instructions here .

Add Color Blocking

Adding color blocking is another great way to spruce up your look. Layer together two different colors of clothes that are complementary, or take it to another level by wearing an entire outfit in one specific color. You can even draw attention by wearing clothing with patterns like stripes or polka dots that feature multiple colors. For a statement that’s ultra bold, try wearing an all-black outfit—the stark contrast will really stand out in any environment. However you choose to wear it, color blocking is a fun and flirty way to bring some excitement into your wardrobe.

Add Prints

Adding a fun graphic tee or even something as simple as some printed socks to your outfit can change up your usual denim skirt combo. You can easily switch things up by accessorizing with colorful jewelry, tights or anything else that fits within your theme. It’s important to remember that when you’re wearing an all-denim outfit, you don’t want to accessorize too much—to avoid looking like Mr. Rogers! But if you’re wearing other pieces of clothing, it’s okay to add in more accessories. Just make sure they match your overall look.

Roll Up the Sleeves

Shirts with long sleeves are usually great for comfort, but roll up those sleeves to your elbows to avoid looking too stuffy. If you don’t want to roll them all of way up, consider wearing them half-way up or just over your forearms. Plus, by rolling your sleeves up—whether they have short or long arms—you won’t be hot! You can also try buttoning only one button at the top of your shirt instead of two. Not only will it make you look more casual, but it will also allow you to breathe easier in warmer weather.

Pair it with Boots

A denim skirt is an effortless piece that looks good with just about anything. But for a fresh spin on denim, try pairing it with cute brown boots or sandals during warmer weather. This spring-like style will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Whether you wear your outfit to work or out on a date, you can’t go wrong with skater skirts. Just make sure to pair them with something else besides heels! For example, if you plan on wearing them out at night, stick to flats or wedges instead of stilettos.

Layer with Belts

Add belt to denim skirt for an extra accent. Belts can help draw attention to waistline, or cinch in an oversize tee. If you’re tall, try wearing a belt that’s two inches below your natural waist. For shorter gals, try belts around hip level; if you don’t have much of one, choose one with fringe or plenty of detail to make it appear bigger than it is. Avoid skinny leather or suede belts—these won’t offer enough visual interest. They also run a higher risk of making you look thinner in photos (when they inevitably end up on Instagram).

Wear it with Tailored Pieces

A denim skirt is always a solid pick for warm weather, but you can make it even more chic by pairing it with tailored pieces like a crisp button-down blouse or long sleeved blazer. To dress up your skirt even more, consider adding bright accessories like statement earrings or necklaces in fun shapes. If you’re looking to add some edge to your outfit, try wearing leather boots instead of flats or heels. The contrast between feminine frills and tough leather makes for an interesting look that’s sure to get noticed. Just remember: if you go too edgy on top, tone down your footwear so that your outfit doesn’t veer into too much of a masculine direction!