The latest trend in Fashion


Winter is almost over and Spring will bring everything back to life. With Spring comes the latest trends in fashion. More emphasis is being placed on easy and simple clothing for this season. Ultra chic apparel is resonating with high fashion consumers.


What to expect for Spring/Summer                                                                                           Get ready for brightly colored clothing such as greens, pinks, deep purple and sky blue. Orange and yellow will also be on display. These colors/styles will be mixed and matched as moods change. Basic tees with relaxed denim will be an essential to the fashion conscious. Ease and comfort is what customers are seeking in an outfit. Purchasing quality clothing instead of fast fashion will be the wave of the future. Black mini dresses, sexy red dresses and pink dresses will continue to dominate the fashion world. Mini skirts took center stage last year. Now it's the return of the maxi dress. The extreme length maxi dress is easy to pair with solid color top or a cool sleeveless shirt.



Coco 2 $30.00
Judy Pants $40.18