Yoga Pants


Who wears yoga pants? This is a very popular trend among women world wide. Yoga pants is not just for yoga anymore. Women are using yoga pants as work gear because of the comfort and style. Casual wear is trendy so yoga pants are acceptable just about anywhere. It's safe to say these hot pants are here to stay. The styles have changed over the years. A few new styles to consider are boot cut, capri style, chopped flare, high rise and high wasted. They are available in basic black, blue, pink, purple and green. Plus size is also in many colors. The pants are made of fabric wick moisture from the body keeping you cool and dry during high/low intensity work out. wear it with a graphic t-shirt to yoga class or a matching top from one of our two piece sets. Blend fashion with function using bold patterns to personalize your outfit. Find the best brands that will fit needs such as Mono B, Emily su, Dolton, Right Cross Athletics, EVCR and Senergy.