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Ten of the Best Spring Outfits to Wear with Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are like an old friend, right? They’re comfortable, cute, and have tons of character, but your friends don’t know about them because you haven’t worn them in a while. And that’s because it’s hard to find outfits to wear with them!

The Casual Look

These go-to favorites are ideal for everyday wear. Top them off with a basic button-down or blouse, or dress them up with a tucked-in top and heels. You’ll be turning heads in no time. A perfect pair of mom jeans can be worn all year round – here are some great ways to style your favorite pair:
After a day at work, pair your jeans with flats and a plaid shirt for an easy yet stylish look. Dress it up by adding booties instead of flats. Add interest by wearing colored denim instead of black. Try dark wash blue jeans with a white shirt and navy booties; you’ll feel both comfortable and chic! For a fun night out on the town, try pairing your mom jeans with a blouse or dress that is in another color entirely. Choose from reds, yellows or purples to give your outfit some pop. Throw on heels and accessorize with statement jewelry – you’re sure to turn heads!
If you want to go all out, try pairing your favorite jeans with a denim shirt for chic spring look.

The Smart Look

When it comes to your fashion life, nothing is ever off-limits. While we highly recommend you try pieces on before you buy them, there are certain guidelines that can help you create outfits that look high fashion and still work for your figure. These rules aren’t hard and fast—they’re more like a guide or a starting point. So make sure you don’t go over board if they clash with your personal style! Still, these tips will give you some direction as you build out your closet. Keep in mind that different stores carry different cuts and sizes, so while something might fit perfectly at one store, it may not be so great at another. Here are 10 perfect ways to wear your favorite mom jeans:
i) Long Necklaces - Add an elegant touch by wearing long necklaces (you know, longer than normal). Layering long necklaces with short necklaces works best because you can mix up their lengths. ii) Wide-Leg Pants - If you’re going for a wide-leg pant look, try pairing them with a blazer or jacket that has very narrow shoulders and a small waist. This will balance out your proportions and give your outfit some shape.
iii) Mini Skirts - We love mini skirts for casual days—they’re cute and easy to wear! You can also wear them in more formal settings if you pair them with high heels or wedges. iv) Crop Tops - Crop tops are a great way to show off your mom jeans, but make sure that they aren’t too low-cut. V-necks are our favorite kind of crop top because they look super trendy without being too revealing. v) Shorts - If you want to wear shorts, try pairing them with flats instead of heels. They may not be as stylish as stilettos, but flats will give your outfit some balance and keep it from looking too casual. vi) Heels - Heels are always a good idea when wearing mom jeans; they add an extra level of sophistication to any outfit. Just make sure you don’t go overboard on their height! vii) Blouses - Blouses are another versatile piece that you can wear over your jeans. Just remember to pick ones that have interesting details like lace or embroidery so that they stand out against your pants. viii) Sweaters - Sweaters are one of our favorite ways to dress up mom jeans, especially cardigans and cropped sweaters. ix) Jackets - Jackets work well with almost anything, including mom jeans. The key is finding one that matches your style (and doesn’t clash with your pants). x) Leather Bags - Leather bags are a great accessory choice for all outfits, but especially for those involving denim.

Pairing with a Leather Jacket

One good way to wear your mom jeans is by pairing them with a leather jacket. Pick one that fits well and you’ll be able to feel confident. You can also switch out for a blazer during colder months. As for shoes, you may want something on the sturdier side since many mom jeans are baggy—it’s best not to wear heels so you don’t look too sloppy! When it comes to jewelry, go for some basic pieces such as hoops or pearls. This will give off an elegant vibe without being over-the-top. It’s also important to remember accessories in general should be kept minimal; anything more than a couple pieces is too much. It would be wise to keep everything in earth tones: brown, tan, black, etc. This will make sure your outfit isn’t too distracting from what matters most—your body! With any outfit it is important to remember: if you have any doubts about how you look then ask someone else for their opinion. The worst they can say is no, but at least you won’t regret wearing those mom jeans later on.


Just because you’re wearing mom jeans doesn’t mean your outfit has to be dull. Choose a fun handbag and shoes, or throw on a jacket that matches your bag and shoes for an extra pop of color. Throw on some earrings for a little flair—and make sure they match whatever you’re wearing underneath your jacket! You can also spice up any outfit by adding some layering pieces like scarves or belts. If you have long hair, consider throwing it into a ponytail (or two!) for an easy way to add some style. If you don’t have long hair, try throwing on a hat—it will give your outfit a whole new look without much effort at all. Don’t forget about accessories like hats and jewelry when it comes to spring outfits! They are just as important as clothes when it comes to creating interesting looks. Your favorite black boots can go from basic to bold in seconds simply by switching out your necklace. The same goes for sweaters; a few cute necklaces or statement earrings can change your sweater from meh to wow! You can even take a plain pair of jeans and turn them into something special by pairing them with a blazer. Adding a blazer is one of my favorite ways to spruce up any outfit, so if you have one in your closet, I highly recommend trying it out!

Skirts and Trousers, Trendy Flats, Black Denim, Comfy Slippers

How To Tie Together Trendy Looks With Your Favorite Denim Pants. We show you how from head to toe, work and play! ___ 1) Skirts and Trousers ___ Layering is a great way to wear mom jeans at work, be it with a casual white shirt or a smart blazer. A tailored pencil skirtor trouser in black looks sophisticated and sexy when worn over your favorite pair of faded denims. Team with a feminine top such as an eyelet blouse or a floral printed tee. If you’re feeling bold, try wearing your mom jeans under a mini skirt for that rock chick look. __ 2) Trendy Flats __ It’s spring so let’s add some color to our outfits! Try pairing your denim pants with bright colored flats like yellow and green for that fun pop of color we all need in our wardrobes right now. Add jewelry such as dangly earrings and large necklaces to complete your look. __ 3) Black Denim __ Black is always flattering on any skin tone, so if you have darker skin choose a darker wash  jean while fairer complexions should opt for lighter washes. The key here is to avoid fading which can make your legs appear thinner than they are – go for dark washes instead. Pair with heels or boots depending on your personal style and whether you’re going out or just running errands around town. __ 4) Comfy Slippers __ You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style; slip into comfy slippers with wedge heels to give yourself a boost. These shoes will also elongate your legs, making them seem longer. For those days when you want to lounge around in your pajamas but still look chic, these comfy slippers are perfect!