Sports Bras


From running, biking, hiking, spin class and yoga. Whatever activity you choose we have a sports bra that will fit your needs. Fabric and comfort is key when choosing a sports bra. We went the extra mile to partner with brands that offer quality fashionable bras, from plus size to petite. These bras offer maximum support to satisfy our customers needs.


Sports bars are usually worn during physical activity. Choosing the right sports bra can become a challenge. Balancing style, support and comfort is what customers want. Support at the highest level is most important when doing high intense sports such as tennis, running, zumba and weight training. The encapsulation sports bra is great for activities that require rigorous movement. These bars use individual cups to support each breast separately. These bras are more naturally shaped than compression bras. Compression sports bars don't separate and it compress the breast against the body. By combining both encapsulation and compression will give the best result when doing high impact activities. Compression is more suitable and popular among women with larger breast. When it comes to style there are a variety to choose from. Go to East Hills Casuals fitness collection for the latest styles in sports bras